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Developers are Not Good Testers – Really?

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Software testing is the process of evaluating a software application and, testers are the professionals who are involved in the evaluation process of software development. They need to handle a lot of tasks like creating test cases, reporting errors, setting up the environment, planning requirements, etc. As per the survey the software testing market has exceeded USD 40 billion and is expected to grow by 7% by 2027. Testers need to have a knowledge of programming language, Test management tools, automation testing, and test management tools, Project management skills, and a lot more. 


Now let’s discuss the most common question Why do we need testers? Why can’t developers test their own code? The answer to this question is quite similar to why do students don’t check and evaluate their examinations by themselves. It doesn’t make sense at all, Right? As they won’t be able to evaluate their mistakes by themselves. In the same way, developers cannot find the errors and mistakes they have done. Read the article to get a more detailed answer to your question.

Reasons Why Developers are Not Good Testers?

1. Lack of Experience with the Typical Type of Bugs

This is one of the most important reasons why developers cannot be good testers. An experienced tester will have a clear idea of the most typical bugs that can cause problems in the future which needs to be tested in the first place. Further developers don’t have this experience they will just give random shots which can hamper the whole application. Testers with time get a deeper sense of the common bugs that need to be rectified. So lack of experience in testing is the first reason why developers cannot be good testers.

2. Difference in Approach

Developers work with a constant perspective of how to create an application. They try to analyze the problem then break it down into smaller sub-parts to find the best solution. While testers work with the constant perspective of breaking or finding flaws in an application. This means that testers are out-of-box thinkers, they test all the possible outcomes by placing themselves in the box of customers. This ensures that the application does not get destroyed when it’s live. So this is another important aspect of why developers are not good testers.

3. Motherly Affection Towards Their Code

As normal human beings, we always have affection towards anything that we have created or developed. Let’s understand this better with the help of a practical example. As per your mother’s perspective, you are just the best. If you do anything wrong she will just start blaming your friends for that because in her eyes you are just perfect. It may sound silly but it’s a fact that developers have affection towards their code, which makes it difficult for them to find flaws or errors.

4. Different Hand Will Run Tests Differently

This is another reason why we need independent testers to test the application. A developer may follow the same pattern:

  • Enter your name
  • Enter your address
  • Fill in your email id
  • Add your contact details
  • Verify and click OK

The same approach was used in building. But a tester may mix or skip the details like

  • Skip the name
  • Add email id in the address column
  • Add address in the postal code field
  • Leave some other field empty
  • Then click OK

They will try different permutations and combinations to check whether the application works fine or not in case of expectations. A different hand will run tests differently and ensure that the application is secure and flawless once it’s live.

5. Focus on Positive Scenarios

Developers generally work on the implementation part and rarely find any mistake in the existing code. They always have a positive approach towards code and their inability to find any bug (error) leads them to not being a good tester whereas testers work on testing the code in negative test cases and re-verifying them. Testers think about where things can go wrong instead of making things right. Developers are exactly the opposite of testers. Thus, this states the reason why developers are not good testers.

So till now you must have got the answer to your question why developers are not really good testers. But there is no skill which we cannot learn. In the upcoming section, we will discuss how developers can contribute to the testing process.

How Developers Can Contribute to Testing Processes?

So till now you must have got the clear idea that developers are not by default good testers. But there are some practices that developers must carry out in order to reduce the errors.

1. Take Testing Seriously

A good agile team requires both developers and testers to test their code. This will ensure high quality of code and robust application. Start taking this job seriously and devote some time to learning testing skills as well. To start with your testing learning journey click here.

2. Work on Your Weakness

As a developer, you have a different mindset towards your code. So try to analyze your weaknesses and start working on them. Knowing this will help to perform your job in a much better way. If you are still confused ask other testers for help and go ahead.

3. Enhance Your Knowledge Continuously

The best way to sustain yourself in the IT industry is to continuously enhance your knowledge. As a developer, your code is your baby so you need to take care of it. So try to enhance your testing knowledge to minimize the bugs and maximize productivity.  

So till now, you must have got a clear answer to why developers are not good testers and how they can contribute to the testing process. Developers and testers are two different sides of coins with different skills. For sure developers cannot become good testers but they can contribute to testing during the development phase.

Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2022
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