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Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs Interview Experience for Trainee Software Engineer | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs visited our campus in the last week of September 2021.

Round 1: Online Assessment (1 hour)

  • 90 marks
  • 20 marks + 50 marks (2 coding ques: easy and hard)
  • 10 MCQ all based in Java, mostly input – output ques and very few complexity related ques
  • All MCQ were of different marks
  • Platform: Hacker Earth
  • I did all MCQs and one code of 20 marks (all test cases passed)
  • I was shortlisted for further rounds


Round 2: Tech Round 1 (1 hour)

  • Intro
  • Internship project discussion like what is it, tech stack used, problems faced, contribution to the project
  • Multithreading in java. Ques like: what are threads? How do you create it? Run? Sleep? Join? How to execute 3 threads one after the other? How to achieve parallel execution in multithreading? Some application based ques on web dev + multithreading. Scheduling algorithm in OS. How does the OS handle multithreading? What is TreeMap? HashMap? Internal working of HashMap? Diff between array and HashMap? Diff between ArrayList and HashMap? Time Complexity of accessing, searching, insertion, deletion in ArrayList, HashMap, LinkedList? Why is HashMap faster? Diff between LinkedList and HashMap?
  • Gave a coding ques to be solved on GFG so it should pass all the test cases. The ques was on array (medium) and on 2 attempts I passed all test cases. First I discussed the approach and then I coded it. Then a discussion on time complexity.
  • Asked about the time complexity of a few sorting algorithms.
  • Database: normalization and its forms. What is NoSQL? How is normalization achieved in NoSQL?
  • Volatile keyword in java? Garbage collection in Java. Any experience with java?
  • Experience with android apps?
  • Asked me if I had any questions for him?

Round3: Tech Round 2 (45 min; mine was only for 15 mins)

  • Intro
  • How did the pandemic affect me?
  • How did I utilize my time in the pandemic?
  • Internship projects discussion in depth
  • Personal project discussion
  • My future projects in React JS
  • My goal in life
  • How will I handle myself in a situation where all my team members are at x2 pace and I am just a beginner.
  • Any questions for him?

Round 4: HR Round (15 mins)

  • Intro
  • Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs v/s Deutsche Telekom
  • Any questions for interviewer?


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