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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience|(On-campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2019
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First round was online on-campus coding round. Many students gave the test, 32 were shortlisted. There were 10 MCQs. 5 for +6 marks and 5 for +4 marks. They were based on DBMS, OOP, output of code, aptitude. And there were 2 coding questions, each of +20 marks. Both were standard questions.

One was to find the element whose absolute value was closest to zero. There were some corner cases and conditions specified like if there are multiple such values, print the greater number.

Second was something similar to the rain-water trapping problem and the maximum area under histogram problem. I am not able to recollect properly but it was like a summation of these two problems of stack.

Second round was the face-to-face technical interview. The interviewer first looked at my resume and then asked questions based on the skills I mentioned, i.e., ML. Then, the entire interview was based on Data Structures and Algorithms. He asked me to write on paper the code to reverse a linked list. Then all the methods to compute the Fibonacci series. Then, asked me about sorting algos and told me write on paper quick sort. He then asked basic DP question about a man and steps wherein he can take 1 or 2 jumps and we have to find the number of ways he can reach the top. Then he asked me 2 questions on graphs. One was direct BFS. Out of the 32 selected for this round, 11 were shortlisted.

Third round was the face-to-face HR interview. It was a two on one interview. The two were from HR department and the interview was purely HR type. All you had to do was keep the conversation going. The interview started with tell me about yourself in which I mentioned some book and movies which drove me towards Machine Learning. She then asked me to name a few books. Then I had mentioned my work in Speech domain in the interview so she looked at my resume and asked me to describe that as I mentioned it before and she said it looks “interesting”. So, I did. Then again she looked at my resume and saw the mandatory rural internship we have to do in college. She asked me to describe that. Asked a few question on location and asked me why did I select this particular location and not others?

Then, because I had mentioned teaching underprivileged children in the rural internship, she asked me that since you described yourself as being “privileged” compared to the kids you taught, tell me one instance in your life where the privilege came short. I was like-My family has been able to support me so far but she did not want an end to the conversation and so I mentioned JEE where I money really idn.t help. Then the convo shifted to why I took this college and I mentioned I chose branch over tag. It went over for a long time.

Then I was asked are you a team-person or you like working alone. I said team as my entire resume was full of team projects. I described the leadership experience and the learning phase in teamwork. Then she asked me if I would be able to do individual work if assigned in the company. It was a trick question as it was and you should always see that coming.

Later I was asked if I have any questions. Do some proper research and do ask questions. I asked them why they suddenly started investing in the tech sector despite of the current cutoff when a few years back they weren’t. The lady gave me a long, well-put and well-thought answer. It was conversational how the world is getting digital. Interview ended with me saying something like-I went through your website and in the technological domain, it was written-“Tech powers global business… Will you help us power tech?” and I was like YES, that is why I’m here and then we had a laugh and it ended.

Out of the 11, 8 were selected for the summer internship and I was one of them.

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