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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | Set 2 (For Graduate Analyst)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2017
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Job position – Graduate Analyst

Round-1 (Online Test on HackerRank)
There were 10 technical MCQ’s (most on data structures, others on C, OS, graph theory) and 2 programming questions.
Time was 90 minutes total.
First program was array based. It was easy. Second was graph based, which was moderately tough.
19 people were shortlisted after this round.

Round – 2 (Technical interview – 1)
All the 19 shortlisted people were divided in slots of 4. All 4 in one slot were interviewed simultaneously in separate rooms.
Each room had two interviewers.
I had a lady interviewer and a guy interviewer. The interview lasted 35-40 minutes. Questions were of moderate difficulty level.
I was first asked to introduce myself. Then, there were questions on my resume and project done in internship. The lady asked questions on databases. (Mostly SQL queries, views etc). The guy asked questions on data structures (hash table, linked list etc). Then, I was asked difference between merge and quick sort. Then, at last, I was asked water jug puzzle.
After this round, around 9 people were rejected. 10 went to next round.
I was told to go for 2nd technical interview in some other room.

Round – 3 (Technical interview – 2)
The interviewer again asked me to tell him about myself. Then, he went into data mining and statistics. Then, he asked some Java questions. (lambda expressions, transient keyword)
Questions asked in this round were largely interviewer specific. Other people were asked very different questions.

Round -4 (Managerial/HR interview)
There were two interviewers. They asked all sorts of questions like —
1) who is your inspiration?
2) how do you overcome challenges faced in project?
3) what do you prefer – individual or group project?
4) what according to you is a good workplace?

They also asked many questions related to my answer to each question.

Finally, taking into consideration both Round-3 and Round-4, 6 people were selected out of remaining 10.

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