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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for FTE | On-Campus 2020

Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2020
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Deutsche Bank came to our college for recruitment of FTE in early September 2020. The process consists of 5 rounds in total. First-round was online coding and the platform chosen was HackerEarth. The second and third round was technical. The fourth round was a professional fitness round, and the fifth-round was the HR round.

Round 1: Three coding questions were asked. Their difficulty was easy, medium, and hard.

  1. Finite or Infinite, a mathematical question that is very easy. 
  2. Avoiding Traps, this is a DP question combined with number theory. It was of medium level. 
  3. I don’t remember the name of the question but it was like this, Given an array of integers, you can perform any number of replacement operations on the elements in the array, such that supposing there are two elements a and b. You can put a+b in place of an only if 2×a>=b and you can replace similarly replace b with a+b only if 2×b>=a. Find the maximum number of positions the final element can be in. I solved this question using a priority queue.

Those who were able to solve 2.5 and more questions were selected for the next round.

Round 2 Technical round: This round lasted for around 45 minutes. Questions asked were as follows,

  1. Given an array and a helper, array sort the array using the comparator function. Example is

    output should be sorted according to priority in helper array
    output[]={"This "site" "is" "called" "geeksforgeeks"}

    More discussion was held on this question. We try to generalize it for more than one input array.

  2. Given an array find the most frequent element. I solved it easily using a map in c++.

  3. Some discussion was done on my project and the technology used in the project.

Both the above code was checked by sharing the screen with the interviewer. Try to explain the code when you write it.

Round 3 Technical round: This round also lasted for around 45 minutes. This round was purely based on Data structures and algorithms. I was given two coding questions.

  1. Merge Two Binary Trees by doing Node Sum (Recursive and Iterative). Please make sure that you show a working code not just write the function. I was asked two to create the tree, print preorder of both the trees before merging, and printing preorder after merging.
  2. Sort an array according to the order defined by another array. Some test cases were provided by the interviewer. The question was manipulated and asked under different scenarios. 

I was able to solve both the problem with ease.

Round 4 Professional Fitness round: This round lasted for about 30 minutes. In this round, the main purpose of the interviewer is to know whether the candidate is eligible for the company or not, whether he/she will be able to adjust him/herself in the company or not. Questions asked were as follows,

  • Questions from the resume were asked.
  • The project was discussed in detail like how can I increase the speed of the query, what other functionalities can be added etc.
  • Questions from my internship were asked, like what was our project and what was my role in the project. Were we able to finish the project before the deadline or not?

Round 5 HR round: This round lasted for only about 15 minutes. Questions asked in this round were as follows,

  • Do you have any proof of your ids like voter id card, pan card, or passport?
  • Does any member of your family have a government job?
  • How many interviews did you have and how did you find the other interviewers? Do you know the name of every interviewer you came across?
  • Why do you want to join Deutsche Bank, why not some other banks?

Verdict: Selected

Tips: After every interview, the interviewer will ask if you have some question for them especially in the Professional Fitness round and HR round. Do have some questions prepared beforehand, it does have a good impact and it also checks your communication skills. Wish you the best of luck.

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