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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience- On Campus (FTE)

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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Job Location : Bengaluru / Pune

Job Profile : Graduate Analyst

Process Date : Online Test : August 23, 2019

Interviews : August 24, 2019

Campus : MNNIT Allahabad


 Programming Questions on Hackerearth :-

  1. Write a program to count the substrings which have terminal characters same in the given range [L..R] of a string (indexing starts with 1).

Example :- string=”aabcda”  L=2 R=6

Output= 6 (“a”, “b”, “c”, “d”, “a”, “abcda”)


  1. Write a program to sort the given URLs on the basis of their frequency. When two or more URLs have same frequency count then print the lexicographically smaller URL first.

Example :- 4 {,,,}

Output :- 3 {,,}


  1. An array is given (indexing starts with 1) of size S and N number of queries is given by user Ni=(M P R); 1<=i<=N. Print the Rth minimum element from the array after updating Mth index.

Example :- Array : [2, 4, 6, 1, 7] S=5

Queries : N=3

2 5 3

5 3 2

4 8 4

Output :- 5





Coding :-

  1. Write all the functions to reverse a string.
  2. Write a function to check whether a string is palindrome or not. What is its time complexity?

Operating System :-

  1. What is semaphore? What is the difference between mutex and semaphore?
  2. What is pagination?


  1. Let say your school have a rating system for teachers. A student can rate one or more teachers as well as a teacher can be rated by one or more students. The ratings will be out of 10.

a) Design the optimised database for this rating system.

b) Write a query to find the name of teacher who has got most number of ratings?

c) Write a query to find the name of the highest rated teacher along with its rating?

System Design :-

  1. Suppose you are visiting a mall and the mall has a multilevel parking zone with a fixed number of parking slots on each level. All slots have sensor inbuilt in it which tells about the occupancy of slot. If the sensor is ‘ON’ it means there is no car at that slot else there is a car. The entrance of that parking zone has a display device which tells about the current status of all the slots at each levels. Now you are driving your car and have to park it, where should you park your car so that you can save your time.

a) Design the system for this scenario.

7. Suppose there is 10 storey building with only 2 operational lifts in it. The programmer who designed the lift system had made a mistake. Due to his mistake an issue arised.

ISSUE:- Let say you are at the 3rd floor and you have to go to the 8th one. But everytime when the lift comes to your floor it is always filled with people, whether it comes from below or from upwards.

a) You have to tell what mistake did the programmer make while designing the system?

b) Design the correct system?

c) Describe all the cases when you have to choose between two lifts to reach to your destination quickly.

Puzzle :-

  1. You have two containers of volume 5 lts and 3 lts and an infinte source of water. You have to measure 4 lts water. How will you measure?
  2. You have two candles which can burn completely in 30 minutes and a matchbox. The candles are heterogenous i.e. first half can burn in 5 minutes and another half in 25 minutes. How will you measure 45 minutes of time with these candles. (Hint: A candle can only be burned from a single side. Bunk your thoughts regarding that standard rope burning puzzle.)

Project Discussion :-

  1. Give short description of all your projects.



Group Discussion :-

  1. Demonetisation.
  2. Think of a technology that will replace emails. The need of it is that emails cause a lot of distraction while working.



Behavioral Questions :-

  1. Write your three strengths and three weaknesses and justify all of them in 2 lines each.
  2. What is your main goal? Any short term goals?
  3. He asked about everything that was there on my resume.

Coding :-

  1. Write a code to print the following pattern :-

0                0

12            21

123        321

1234    4321


  1. Write a program to print boundary traversal of a binary tree?


  1. Draw the schema of your DBMS project. (I made a website named “PassOn” which is much like an e-commerce website.)
  2. What is the difference between inner and outer joins. What are left and right joins. He gave me multiple questions regarding joins.
  3. A table is given to you and you have to tell that table belongs to which normal form? Describe all the normal forms and there necessary conditions.
  4. What are aggregate functions in SQL? Tell the difference among COUNT(attribute), COUNT(*) and COUNT(NULL).
  5. What is the difference among candidate keys, primary key and unique keys? Can a unique key have two or more NULL values?
  6. He gave me a tough ‘update’ query question; which can be solved either by using “IF…..THEN” or “CASE” statement.

Situational Questions :-

  1. Suppose you are the founder of PhonePe and you have to convince a lower middle class businessman to use PhonePe who initially don’t have any knowledge about online payment systems. All he knows that he goes to bank, deposit his money and when he gets updated his passbook then he becomes sure that his money are now safe. (Keep the answer straight and as simple as possible.)



HR Questions :-

  1. Tell me about yourself? What remedies have you taken to get rid of your weaknesses?
  2. What is your definition of ‘Success’? Give three bullet points of it and justify how will it make you feel satisfied?
  3. Are you a team player? If there any conflicts occurred in your team? What have you done to remove those conflicts?
  4. What qualities will you put under consideration while selecting team members for any project?
  5. What makes you different from other candidates?
  6. What are your goals? If you get selected today, for how much long will you be with the Deutsche Bank?
  7. Tell me about your family background.
  8. As you have mentioned you have an edge for social work, will you continue to do so in future also?
  9. At last he asked me, how much confident are you that you’re going to be selected today. (To which I said I’m 100% confident.)

Thank You!

All the best.

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