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Design Patterns : A Must Skill to have for Software Developers in 2019

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Design Patterns….??? I think you have heard this name before in programming… 
Yes, you might have heard this name before in programming if you are a beginner or you might have used this in your entire career if you have already spent a few years in software development but do you know that it’s an essential skill for developers nowadays? Do you know that in programming if you don’t know about this term and how to use it then you can face a big problem at the production level and not only yours but other developers’ productivity can also be affected?. If you are still thinking about this technical word and its importance in programming then let’s start from the beginning that what exactly design pattern is and why it is important in development. 


Design Pattern Article

Let’s consider a real-life example first and think about a profession that you are running a restaurant. Running a restaurant doesn’t mean only preparing food and serving it to the customers. You also need to take care of delicious food, clean dishes, common problems that waiters, chef or other employees are facing in your restaurant. Being a restaurant owner you need to give solutions to those general problems as well. 

The same thing happens in software development. As a beginner or an experienced programmer if you have this opinion that building software is all about using a programming language and applying some logic then this is not going to work at the production level and you will face a lot of problems. Design patterns are basically programming templates that give a proper flow, linking, and structure to your code. It’s a communication tool or you can say a general solution given by experienced software developers to solve commonly occurring problems that developers face during the development phase of the software. 

Being a software engineer your purpose should not be only writing a bunch of code but also to reduce complexity and taking care of code reusability as well. You will be expected to write a clean, elegant, bug-free and manageable code so that other developers can understand and later if it requires any kind of change then it can be done with minimal effect on your entire project and here design pattern plays a crucial role. 

The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not to create it. 
-Pamela Zave 

Importance in software development: Learning design pattern saves a lot of time of developers. We can summarize it’s importance from below points… 

  1. It makes code reusable, bug-free, and clean.
  2. Speed up development process.
  3. Changes or modification become easier.
  4. Reduce common problems of developers they face during development process.
  5. Improve object oriented skill.
  6. Easy to understand the flow of code.
  7. Less code so easy to maintain.

Ok I got that…but what should I learn in design pattern and tell me some good resource to learn it: 
learning Design Pattern is not rocket science if you find a good resource and mentor. Keep in mind that in order to become a good software engineer you really need to have knowledge about design patterns and how to use them in your project smartly as per requirement. Now what all are the things you should know in the design pattern to use it in software development is given below. 

  1. OOPs Concepts.
  2. Core design principles like SOLID, GRASP, DRY, KISS etc.
  3. Basic fundamentals of design patterns.
  4. Different kind of design patterns.
  5. Real life example and using design patterns in projects.


Resource to Learn Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns

Now if you are looking for the best resource to learn all the above concepts from experienced industry mentors who can give you guidance very well everything about the design patterns then GeeksforGeeks bring a complete course on object-oriented design and design patterns where you will be learning all the above concepts under the proper guidance of industry mentors worked in top-notch software companies. 
If you are a beginner in programming or a working professional or college student targeting the top product companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and preparing yourself for the interviews then this course has everything to help you and have a good grasp on object-oriented design and design patterns


Key Features of the Course

This course is 6 weeks long in which you will learn about the fundamentals of design patterns, different types of design patterns, OOPs concepts, real-life examples of design patterns, interview preparation and everything that is important to have a good command on object-oriented design and design patterns. 

  • This course is completely designed and reviewed by the developers worked in Microsoft, Adobe and Amazon-like top software companies.
  • Mock Interviews with proper feedback.
  • Hands on experience on projects.
  • Practice problem with solution.
  • Certificate on course completion.




Course Content


  • In the first week, you will learn about the basic concepts of OOPs like Inheritance, Abstraction, Interface, Composition, etc. It’s really important to have a good grasp on these topics because design patterns are concerned with classes, object and other concepts of object-oriented programming. Also, you will learn about the basics of UML diagram and code design principles like SOLID, GRASP, DRY, KISS, etc. Being a developer you should have knowledge about these basics principles. 
  • The Second week will be dedicated to the introduction or fundamentals of design patterns. Strategy Patterns, GRASP (General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns) and 9 types of GRASP Patterns. You will also learn about the DRY and KISS principle as well.
  • Third, the fourth and fifth week will be dedicated to the different kinds of design patterns with commonly asked interview questions related to the same. 
  • In the sixth or last week you will be getting guidance about most important interview question asked in companies for example to design Movie Ticket Booking System, Hotel Management System, design Chess, design Facebook – a social network, design Amazon – Online Shopping System.


Course Fee

The original price of this course is INR 12, 000 but during offer, it is available at INR 10, 000. You can register yourself for this course by clicking on the button below and grab the opportunity to become master in this skill. 

Register Here 


Last Updated : 20 Jan, 2022
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