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Deloitte on-campus placement (USI consulting PLM profile)

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Round 1:First round was an online test conducted by AMCAT. It includes aptitude- logical, quants and verbal.

For verbal, there were no synonym-antonym questions.There were passages comprehension, finding out errors in sentences if any and fill in the blanks with suitable phrases.

Quantitative aptitude was of average level, a good practice can easily get you shortlisted.Logical too was easy.

Round 2:My second round was a JAM(just a minute).

We were asked to choose a number from 1-40 and the corresponding topic was given to us.We had to speak on the topic was 60 sec and were given a prep time of 30 sec.You can change the topic if you want.

My topic was-“any problem in your college that you can solve using technology”.All topics were technical which was contradictory to what i expected since it is a non-technical company.

Some other topics were:

1.flying cars-possible or not?


3.any technology which you like. will technology affect our lives after 20 years?

5.One company which has helped you a lot through its technology? – that person answered Google 🙂

It is only a matter of your communication skills and nothing else.Even if you are not able to speak much on the point, but if you speak really well and with confidence- you are in.

Round 3:

My third round was a technical+HR interview round.

They started with my introduction.Then they asked my about my skills in resume (coding languages).They asked me what projects have you done.I explained about the one in which i was confident enough to speak.There was a 5 min discussion on it.Then the HR told me to write an algorithm for bubblesort.Questions on technical subjects were paging, types of paging algorithms, virtual network(Definitions).

After this, they asked what is RDBMS and gave me an example of two tables.Asked me to find the primary key for both tables.Then he gave me a situation where the keys were duplicated.That was actually a normalisation question and i answered that.After this they asked me some HR questions and their expressions indicated that i did my technical interview well.

HR questions:

1.Why deloitte?

2.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

3.What irritates you?

I asked them one question about their journey of reaching such a position in deloitte.And that was it.

Round 4:

This was again a tech+HR interview round for our profile only.

technical questions:

1.difference between c and c++. structures in c.

3.given a single linked list, how can you find whether its circular or not.

4.what are the 4 oop concepts-abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance.

5.What is polymorphism .I was asked to write and explain with the help of a snippet.I wrote about function overloading and then he asked about runtime polymorphism.I wasnt sure about this but i said about constructor overloading.

HR questions:

1.If you are given a choice what would you prefer?-Deloitte or PLM?

I told deloitte because company matters and not the domain on which i am working.

I got placed and it was a very special day for me.

An evergreen tip- even if you are answering wrong or in doubt, say it with confidence.Thats what they are looking for.


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Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2018
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