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Deloitte Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2018

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Round 1:

the first round was hosted in Aspiring Minds platform.there were three sections comprising of quantitative aptitude, logical and verbal aptitude. Quants  section was quite moderate and answerable, followed by logical and verbal sections.verbal section was really hard to crack (out of 20 questions i was hardly able to answer 4-5 questions right).logical section was the easiest of all the three.

Round 2:

After the pre-placement talk we were divided into groups for the jam.we were supposed to talk for a minute or untill the hr asks us to stop.from a group of  11, 5 were shortlisted for the next round and i was one among them.the interviewer will check your confidence level and your depth of knowledge in the topic given to you.topics would be mostly technical like social impact of games, technology in disaster management, will artificial intelligence replace teachers etc, .

Round 3:HR round

the interview went on for about 35-40 mins.

this round started with my self-intro(mention ur strengths and weaknesses too).i dragged the interviewer into my projects .she asked a couple of questions about my projects, its future value and about its real time implementations.

then she went through my resume and asked me to rate my area of interests .

basically they covered all of the subjects i mentioned as my area of interests(mine were os, ds, dbms and networks). You can also mention upcoming areas such as information security, iot, big data analytics, data mining(since these are vast topics make sure u have a good level of knowledge in those areas.So to be on safer side go with the basic core subjects for area of interests)

few questions that were asked are:

concept of threads(in java as i mentioned it as my preference of language)

object oriented concepts in cpp

virtual functions

cpu scheduling-types

dbms queries(i was given with tables nd was asked to write queries like removing the duplicates, merging based on conditions etc)

finally i was allowed to ask any questions about the company

then that was it!

basically ur confidence matters, but don’t be overconfident too!

be sure shot in what you answer bcoz ur answers would direct the interviewer to asked further questions from it.

if u r not confident enough in any area, mention it politely to the interviewer.but dont back off completely, jus convey that u are willing to give it a try.this would generally create a good impression and sometimes the interviewer may help you out.

i was one among 18 who were placed in deloitte!

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Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2018
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