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Dell Bangalore Interview Experience For SDE (On-campus)

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Round 1: Around 400 students appeared for this round which is always an online round containing 45 questions from C/C++ output, Datastructures & Algo, OS, networks, DBMS and CAO. Also,  15 questions are from aptitude. Total time is 70 mins. Prepare well by reading books like Galvin, Farozan and Navathe. Also please solve GFG quizzes whenever you are free to get a good grip and understanding. Round 2: Around 50 students were shortlisted. I was asked about my projects and things from my resume. Also, they asked how to design a car lot parking system. I used an array and alloted cars parking spaces using hashing. Eg. if there are n free spaces, then I gave the parking space number = (car no. % n). If there was a collision then use linear probing, quadratic probing or double hashing for collision resolution. Just keep a free mind and you can crack it. Round 3: This was a simple GD to assess the individual’s smartness, speaking and listening skills as well as points may be given based on your improvisation. Expect uncommon topics which you may have never heard of. Incase of (for & against GD) just be smart and chose the side that others do not chose. Stick to the topic and do not remain quiet. Speak freely and concisely explaining your thoughts on the subject. Round 4: This was the hardest round. A technical expert will be assigned and he will discuss and assess your knowledge in your field of interest. Your field of interest can be ML, Data Science, Operating Systems, DBMS, Networks, C/C++ coding. I chose C/C++, OS and networks. I was asked about the following-
  • Virtual functions and its use
  • Static members of a class
  • Virtual Destructors
  • Order of execution of destructors
  • typedef and #define difference
  • Shallow and deep copy
  • declaration of public inheritance and why is it used?
  • OS bootup process
  • DS AVL tree time complexity
  • AVL tree use
  • Scenario based question on actual industrial problem – logical to physical address resolution given a list of occupied space and its range
  • Sleep() in C++
  • How a thread works?
  • Kernel system calls and how it works
  • Networking TCP and UDP difference
  • 3- Way handshaking
  • How UDP handles out of order packets?
Just enter the interview room with open mind and enjoy talking with the interviewer. You will learn a lot as well as show that you are interested in solving problems and never quit. Just explain properly whatever comes to your mind. HR Round- How was the day? Tell me about yourself? Why do you want to join us? Where do you see yourself in next 5 years? Again, just relax, think and answer. Take some time and answer well to each questions. Be smart and speak loudly and clearly. Lastly, they hired me along with six others.  

Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2018
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