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Dell Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus for Dell International R&D)

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  • Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2015
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Interview experience for Dell International (R&D) – On Campus Software Development Associate Engineer (II)

Selection Procedure :
1 MCQ Test
2 Technical Rounds
1 HR Round

Note: Each round was an elimination round

Written Test :
-50 MCQ to be solved in 75 min
-Difficulty level was similar to GATE questions
-Questions were from C/C++ programs, Networks, Operating System, DBMS, S/W Engg, General Aptitude etc.

Round I (Technical – F2F) :
-All the interviews were 2 on 1 (2 interviewers)
-Interview began with discussion on current project and questions based on that.
-Then interviewer asked me questions based on my network related project.
-He asked questions about OSI layer, working of switches and router.
-Routing protocols, working of OSPF, how routing table gets updated step by step, Spanning tree protocol etc.
-Implementation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm.
-Code for reversing a linked list
-Problem Solving
      -You are given a random no. generator, it is generating random numbers continuously.
      -Another application consumer is given, which is taking random no. as input but the frequency of consumption of no. is not fixed suppose consumer at some time may access 0 or 1 or n no. generated, constraint is that no. consumed by consumer should be last generated maximum no.
           generator = 2, 150, 20, 100, 200, 1000, 1080
           for n=2
           consumer = 1080, 1000
           for n=4
           consumer = 1080, 1000, 200, 150

-Basic questions related to data structures (heaps,stacks etc).

Round II (HR – F2F) :
-Discussion based on project
-Android related questions (as one of my project was in android)
-CV based questions
-Why dell?
-Some situational questions

Round III (Technical – F2F) :
-This round was based on Operating System questions
-What is kernel?
-What is system calls, how they are executed?
-Questions based on process synchronization, mutex, semaphores (binary and counting)
-Linux file system, inode
-Virtual memory, addressing, paging, segmentation, fragmentation
-Page fault, thrashing
-Busy wait, spin lock, deadlocks etc.
-Process schedulers, dispatcher

I would like to thank G4G for such great forum, surely G4G is the best source for preparation.

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