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Dell Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus for Dell International R&D)

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The Interview Experience below is for Dell International mainly to Dell R&D division. The hire process was mainly focussed on their Server and Storage systems requirement.

This was a On-campus hiring event.

Hiring Procedure:
There was one written test, 1 to 3 technical interviews and a HR round.

Written test:
-It had basic questions of Quantitative Aptitude,Analytical Aptitude some of Operating Systems,Computer Networks , Database and very few questions on current new technologies.
– there were 50 questions to be answered in 60 mins.
– Half the questions were from aptitude and other from the core Computer Science .
– Each section had a separate cut off.
– Guarantee yourself that you do well in this test as the calls to interview are based on these scores and they call you according to the score you get . you score high marks you are called first to the interview and preference in selection to you will be high.

1st technical Interview:
– I was 10th one to be called for interview.
– I was asked difference in static, global variable. Whats the use of dynamic memory allocation over static. They went little deep.
– They also concentrated more on projects implemented earlier, they were really keen on your implementation details and logic applied . They questioned me every logic i told as to why this why not that.
– Working code to be written for finding the highest frequency number in a unsorted dataset of O’s and 1’s(000010101000011111100).
– Sort an array of 0’s 1’s 2’s (0010200111222200001111).
– They also asked some linux commands and Operating system concepts like system call,forking in linux.

Some people also had their 2nd technical also but i was taken to HR round.

Questions were very basic/routine in HR round.

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Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2015
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