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  • Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2020

The DATE() function is used to extract the date part from a DateTime expression. This function is an inbuilt function in MySQL. The DATE() function in MySQL can be used to know the date for a given date or a DateTime. The DATE() function takes a date value as an argument and returns the date. The date argument represents the valid date or DateTime.

Syntax :

select date('Expression'); 
  • Parameter : It accepts only one parameter.
  • Expression : It represents the date/datetime value.
  • Return Value : It returns the date and returns NULL if the expression is not a date.

Below are some common examples or usages of the DATE() function :

  • Example-1: Extracting date from a given date.
    Select DATE('2020-06-23'); 

    Output :

  • Example-2: Extracting date from a given DateTime.
    Select DATE("2020-06-23 10:34:29"); 

    Output :

  • Example-3: Extracting date from a given date.
    SELECT DATE("The date is 2020-06-23"); 

    Output :


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