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Data Analyst Salary In India (2023) – Freshers and Experienced

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Data analysts are crucial members of data-driven industries. If you are looking for a career as a data analyst, you have a bright future because of the increasing demand for the role and the compelling salaries. The average Data Analyst Salary ranges between ₹ 1.8 Lakhs to ₹ 11.4 Lakh in India. However, with a substantial increase in years of experience, the Data Analyst’s Salary can go up to INR 12.30 LPA. Some top paying cities in India for Data Analyst are Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. 

Data Analyst Salary

Data Analyst Salary

In this article, we’ll take a look at the average data analyst salary in India, as well as factors that can affect salary, such as experience, skills, location, and company. We’ll also discuss the roles, responsibilities, essential skills, and qualifications of a data analyst career.

Who is a Data Analyst?

A data analyst is a broad professional term. It refers to an individual who analyses and interprets data to generate insights. A data analyst is skilled at identifying patterns and trends. They must also have good communication and presentation skills.

A data analyst career now has a greater scope with the emergence of numerous specializations and improved technologies. They are a crucial part of all industries, from healthcare to finance.

Road Map to become a Data AnalystHow to Become a Data Analyst: A Complete Guide

Average Data Analyst Salary in India

The demand for data analysts in India is increasing as businesses rely on data for their decisions. It has led to a competitive salary structure varying on several factors. The salary structure of a Data Analyst depends on the experience, skill level, location, company size, and industry (product base, service-based).

The average Data Analyst Salary in India is 6,72,500 per year. If a person has experience of 2-3 years then the figure may increase up to 6-8 LPA. Some of the top recruiters of Data Analysts are IBM, Accenture, Wipro, Microsoft, Capgemini, Cognizant etc. Google is the highest payer in the market for Data Analysts with an average package of INR 13.40 LPA. The highest Data Analyst Salary can go up to as much as INR 22 LPA.

Factors Deciding Data Analyst Salary 

Data Analyst Salary in India highly depends on experience, skills, and relevant certifications. The industry and location of work can also play a role in determining the salary. 

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Experience

Here is a table for the Data Analyst Salary in India based on experience: 

Experience Average Annual Salary (INR)
0 – 5 years 3.60 LPA
6 – 10 years 5.50 LPA
11 – 15 years 7.90 LPA
16 – 20 years 12.40 LPA

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Specialization

Here is a list to help you understand the Data Analyst Salary in India based on specializations.


Average Salary per Annum

Business Analytics and Intelligence

7.6 LPA

Data Engineering and Warehousing

5.0 LPA

Database Management

13.6 LPA

Data Mining

4.6 LPA

Machine Learning

5.4 LPA

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Location

A data analyst can expect higher salaries in major cities of India, such as Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. It is because of the higher cost of living and the need for employers to retain talent. 

Name of the City Average Annual Salary (INR)
Delhi 6.08 LPA
Gurugram 5.16 LPA
Mumbai 6.15 LPA
Hyderabad 5.70 LPA
Ahmedabad 5.11 LPA
Bangalore 5.59 LPA
Noida 5.26 LPA

Data Analyst Salary: Based on Companies in India

This list can give you a good starting point when negotiating your salary for a data analyst position in India. 

Name of the Company

Average Annual Salary (INR)

Google 13.20 LPA
Amazon 8.60 LPA
Tata Consultancy Services 6.51 LPA
Accenture 5.85 LPA
Cognizant 5.40 LPA
Infosys 5.20 LPA
Deloitte 6.05 LPA
Ernst & Young 5.59 LPA
Wipro 5.00 LPA

The salaries above are for data analysts with a bachelor’s degree and 0-3 years of experience. A master’s degree further increases the salary offered.

Top Companies Who Hire Data Analysts in India

India is a pool for data analytics talent. Many leading companies hire data analysts from India. Some of them are:

  1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  
  2. Infosys  
  3. Wipro  
  4. Accenture  
  5. Cognizant  
  6. HCL Technologies  
  7. Capgemini  
  8. IBM India  
  9. Microsoft India  
  10. Amazon India  
  11. Google India  
  12. SAP Labs India  
  13. Flipkart  
  14. Paytm  
  15. Tech Mahindra  
  16. Adobe  
  17. Oracle  
  18. Intel India  
  19. Deloitte India  
  20. Cisco Systems Inc  

These companies are always looking for talented data analysts to join their teams. You should target them if you aspire to be a data analyst in India.

Data Analyst Roles And Responsibilities

There is a rapidly growing demand for data analysts in India because more businesses value the importance of data-driven decision-making. It can further increase Data Analyst Salary in India and open new paths to this career. 

The roles and responsibilities of a data analyst depend on the company and the industry. Some common ones include: 

  • Collecting data from various sources 
  • Cleaning them to remove errors 
  • Using statistics and machine learning to analyze data 
  • Communicate the insights to their clients 
  • Develop data-driven solutions based on the gathered insights 
  • Staying updated on the latest data analysis techniques. 

In addition to these roles and responsibilities, data analysts in India may also need to work with other teams, such as marketing, sales, and product development, to gather and analyze data.

There are many great job roles for data analysts, but some of the most popular include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst:
  • Marketing Analytics Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Risk Analyst

These are just a few of the many great job roles for data analysts. With the increasing demand for data-driven decision-making, the opportunities for data analysts are endless.

Here are some additional job roles that are becoming increasingly popular for data analysts:

  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Know the difference: Difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist

What are the Skills Required for Data Analyst?

Are you considering a career in data analytics?­ If so,­ you may be curious about the essential skills required for success.­ In India,­ we have outlined the top five skills every aspiring data analyst should master.­

1. Problem-solving skills  

Data analysts must identify and resolve problems through competent data analysis,­ showcasing their exceptional analytical and critical thinking capabilities.­ This essential skill set empowers them to navigate complex datasets and draw meaningful insights.

2. Data mining and statistical analysis 

Data analysts possess the essential skill of extracting and analyzing vast datasets to uncover valuable patterns and trends.­ This demanding task necessitates a comprehensive understanding of statistical analysis techniques.­

3. Programming skills 

Data analysts commonly utilize programming languages to automate tasks and construct data pipelines.­ Acquiring proficiency in programming languages like PythonR,­ and SQL is necessary for this endeavor.­ 

4. Communication skills 

Data analysts require good communicative skills to provide clear and concise information. They must have good written and verbal skills. 

5. Business Knowledge

Data analysts should understand the needs of their clients. It helps them provide insights to make informed decisions. The work requires understanding business-related concepts like marketing, sales, and operations. 

You must develop in-demand skills if you opt for a data analyst career. You can ensure a smooth journey by mastering the skills listed above. 

Data Analyst Certifications

Earning a project management certification can help you show recruiters your abilities. It can also help you gain knowledge in areas you may lack. A data analyst candidate may pursue the following certifications:

Some of the popular certifications related to data analysis are:

Some of the popular certifications related to data analysis are:

Qualifications Required

To become a data analyst in India, you will need the following things: 

  • A bachelor’s de­gree in fields such as data scie­nce, statistics, computer science­, or similar areas can be pursued. Ce­rtain colleges offer spe­cific programs tailored for aspiring data analysts, while others provide­ more general de­grees with a specialization in data analytics. 
  • Working with and analyzing data, espe­cially in ways that support businesses, can be gaine­d through internships, part-time jobs, or voluntee­ring opportunities. 
  • The pe­rson possessing adept analytical and problem-solving skills is invaluable­ for a data analyst. In this role, one must proficiently disce­rn appropriate resolutions based on the­ available data. 
  • To understand statistical te­chniques for analysis, one must possess the­ ability to delve into vast amounts of data, see­king out patterns and trends. This skill enable­s individuals to derive valuable insights from comple­x datasets. 

Employers in India sometimes require candidates to hold a master’s degree or certification in data analytics.­ However,­ for most data analyst positions,­ a bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum requirement.­

A balance between higher educational qualifications and practical experience should be considered while applying for such roles.­ 

Data Analyst Best Courses

Top two courses to begin with if you want to become a data analyst; a candidate with no prior experience can complete these courses:

One should go with these course as they teaches about the data ecosystem and the fundamentals of data analysis, such as data gathering or data mining and assists in learning the soft skills that are required to communicate your data to stakeholders effectively.

Data Analyst Salary In India -FAQs

1. How much does a data analyst in India usually earn? 

The data analyst profession in India commands an average annual salary of approximately ₹­600­000.­ However,­ it is important to note that the actual compensation may vary based on factors such as prior experience,­ specific skill sets,­ and geographical location.­ 

2. Which Indian cities offer the highest data analyst salaries? 

If one is aiming for the highest data analyst salaries,­ it is advisable to focus the job search on cities like Mumbai,­ Bangalore,­ Hyderabad,­ Delhi,­ and Chennai.­ These cities offer lucrative opportunities in this field.­ 

3. What can we expect in future Data Analyst Salary in India

The outlook for data analyst salaries in India appears quite promising.­ With the rapidly increasing demand for data analysts,­ one can anticipate higher salaries.­ Furthermore,­ the Indian government’s investment in data science and analytics provides an additional boost,­ resulting in more job opportunities for data analysts.­

4. What is the salary of a 2 year data analyst in India?

The average salary of a 2 year data analyst in India is ₹5,70,000 per year, according to salary data from AmbitionBox. This is based on a sample of over 85k salaries from data analysts with 2 years of experience in India.

5. What is the salary of a 4 year data analyst in India?

The salary of a 4 year data analyst in India varies depending on a number of factors, including the company size, industry, location, and skills and experience of the individual. However, according to salary data from Glassdoor, the average salary for a data analyst in India with 4 years of experience is ₹6,60,000 per year.

6. Is data analyst high paying?

Data analysts with specialized skills, such as machine learning or artificial intelligence, can earn even higher salaries.

Yes, data analyst is a high paying job in India. The average salary for a data analyst is much higher than the national average salary. Data analysts are in high demand, and companies are willing to pay top dollar for skilled data analysts.

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Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2023
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