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Wipro Recruitment Process

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About Company: Wipro Limited (Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited or more recently, Western India Products Limited) is an Indian Information Technology Services corporation headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The company was incorporated on 29 December 1945 in Amalner, Maharashtra by Mohamed Premji as ‘Western India Vegetable Products Limited’, later abbreviated to ‘Wipro’. It was initially set up as a manufacturer of vegetable and refined oils in Amalner, Maharashtra, India under the trade names of Kisan, Sunflower, and Camel. In 2013, Wipro demerged its non-IT businesses into separate companies to bring in more focus on independent businesses. In 2018, the company began building software to help with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. In March 2018, Wipro said it would be buying a third of Denim Group. In April 2018, the company sold its stake in the airport IT services company JV. Know more about Wipro >> Wipro Logo Recruitment Process: Wipro conducts approx 4 rounds to select freshers for the post of software engineer/project engineer in their organization. The following rounds are conducted:
  • Online MCQ based on Aptitude
  • Online Coding Round
  • Technical Round
  • HR Round
Online MCQ Aptitude Round: This round is hosted on AMCAT platform and the format is same as other AMCAT exams, i.e., 20 questions on Quantitative Apti, 20 on Verbal reasoning and 20 on Logical Reasoning. The total time is around 60 mins. Sincere practice of aptitude mock tests is sufficient to make a candidate pass through this round. The main trick is to solve as many questions as one can quickly and accurately. Additionally, it can also consist of MCQ based on output finding on c/c++ and conceptual questions on Java. Online Coding Round: This round consists of around 2-3 coding questions, all are of easy levels. Generally asked questions are : pattern printing based, mathematical like GCD finding and other basic operations. If one has done good practice of easy level questions, they can clear this round. Technical Round: Generally there is only one technical round. Questions based on DS Algo are not generally asked. The questions frequently asked are: Basics of Operating Systems (like deadlocks, semaphores etc), DBMS (what are joins etc), common SQL Queries, conceptual questions based on OOPs. This round also consists of questions based on projects and languages that one has mentioned in their resume. In depth understanding of projects is required, and one should know all the things mentioned in resume very well. HR Round: You can expect HR questions like : 1. Introduction about you, your family etc 2. Why choose Wipro? 3. What are your strengths and weaknesses ? 4. What is your aim in life? Questions asked in Wipro:
  1. Bubble Sort
  2. Linked List Insertion
  3. Binary Search
  4. Print first n Fibonacci numbers
  5. Perfect Numbers
  6. More>>
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Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2018
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