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D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 18 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2016

About 250 students having (8 or 8.5 cgpa) cutoff were shortlisted for an online test in Hackerrank. It consisted of 3 sections-

Section 1: One programming question, which was quite simple, many test cases were based on end cases. (20 minutes)

Section 2: General aptitude, 10 questions which was difficult for most of us. I could get two correct. It was +2 and -0.5 for each question, questions were really long, related to probability and took a long time to solve. Though I wasn’t sure about few other questions I’d marked 4 more and got only 2 marks in that entire section.(20 min)

Section 3: Technical Aptitude, 5 questions related to networking, os, unix. It was easy if your basics were strong.

After round one, 17 students were shortlisted for interview. It started the next day from 9:30.

This round was technical, the interviewers were really cool and made me comfortable by asking what I thought about the marking scheme and DE Shaw. My resume was only one page and they were impressed by it (I’d specified only 3 of my main projects and had given one or two line description regarding each project).
They asked me to tell me about myself and my project, so I started explaining, and it went on for 30 min, with their questions. Next they started asking many questions related to networking, os, input-output and cao. They asked some general questions about BIOS, CMOS, file systems etc. It was more like a discussion and went smoothly, they mainly saw how much work you’d done in your project and how much did you know.

This was HR round, people really chilled in this round too, they asked where am I from. What’s my favorite food, hobbies etc. They later asked to tell something more and interesting. This went on for 30 minutes.
After the two rounds 3 moved on to the third and final technical round.

They asked if I was tired. Now since the first round was on my project, they asked my language of preference, it was java. A lot of questions on core java topics. They had given few scenarios to which I’d to construct a class. Since I didn’t know the exact answers for few scenarios, I told them my approach about how I thought it could be solved. They asked few programming question, and asked me to improve the complexity and do it in other ways. Puzzles were also asked. Since I didn’t have any database background, they didn’t ask any questions on that.

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