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D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 11 (On-Campus)

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D.E Shaw & Arcesium (A spin-off from D.E Shaw which happened very recently) came to our college for recruitment.
So here is my experience .

Written Round :
20 Maths aptitude ( Hard ones )
20 Programming aptitude ( C , C++ , Java )-Many (OS , Networks, DBMS)-Few
One Coding Question .

The results were announced and 15 people were shortlisted.

  • Round 1: ( HR )
    They saw my photography blog and asked me a few questions regarding it first.

    1. What qualities in you made you a photographer?
    2. What challenges do you think Arcesium would face?
    3. Tell me about one thing you would like to change about your life.
    4. What would you do if u do all the work and someone else gets the appreciation in your team?
    5. Why do u want to be a part of our company?
    6. What do u know about Arceisum?
    7. What is your greatest achievement?
    8. How did u perform your Written Round?
  • Round 2: ( Technical – I )
    This was very interesting as I was the last person to attend and it was already 10:30 pm ๐Ÿ˜€
    The interviewer was so kind to come out and apologize for the delay. I told him that it was a pleasure waiting for this opportunity and he took me in.
    There were two people conducting the rounds in D.E.Shaw.

    1. He asked me regarding my project on Hadoop.
    2. What happens if a NameNode sends a heartbeat once in ten minutes?
    3. Describe HDFS.
    4. Describe Replication in Hadoop.
      ( Guys these questions were asked only because I did a project on hadoop )

    5. You are given a table of 99 rows and 1 column, containing numbers from 1-100 where one number is missing. Find the missing number using an SQL Query. ( NOT PL/SQL )
    6. Write a query to find the distinct elements from a Table.
    7. There is a table where only one row is fully repeated. Write a Query to find the Repeated row.
    8. What is Two-Phase Commit protocol?
    9. Explain about Superblock and Boot Block in UNIX.
    10. If you are given a chance to modify something in UNIX, which one would u choose.
    11. What does an Inode Contain?
    12. You are given an array for size N. With all numbers of values less than N. Find the Duplicate elements.
    13. You are given an Integer where only one Bit is set, Identify that Bit in O(1).
    14. You are given two binary trees, check if they both are Mirrors of each other.
    15. Find the Height of a given binary tree.
    16. Scheduling in UNIX
    17. What would happen if there is an infinite loop running that creates and deletes files in UNIX? ( I was thinking for a few seconds, when he smiled and said, sounds Interesting right! Don’t forget to give it a try ! I said “Sure ๐Ÿ˜‰ ” )
    18. Cursors in DBMS.
    19. B tree, B+ Trees.
    20. OOPS Concepts ( Inheritance, Abstract Classes, Diamond Problem etc. )

    This interview was so much fun as the panel members were so friendly!

    Next day, final Round.

  • Round 3: ( Technical II )
    1. Questions about prev Rounds.
    2. Find the Largest Contiguous Sum in An Array of both negative and positive Integers. He needed a O(n) Solution only.
    3. Questions about RB-Trees, AVL Trees.
    4. U have to list Recently Five viewed Photos from your Blog. Which Data structure would u use?
      Guys – the Above question went on for half an hour!
      I had to Provide all different data structures and he insisted on improving it further.
      Finally, he was convinced with an Unbounded buffer having a sliding window of size 5 along with a Max Heap. He also wanted to view Pictures based on their Unique ID and their Time-stamp Values.

Finally, Two people were Selected and I was Wait-listed ( Meaning, they would call me in future if they have requirements as they wanted to hire only two now)

I Thank GeeksForGeeks and everyone who has posted wonderful Articles that helped me learn a lot. I Got placed in PayPal the next day! This was a wonderful interview experience for me as it was both fun and challenging!

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Last Updated : 30 May, 2019
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