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Cyber Evolve Technologies Interview Experience for Java Developer

Last Updated : 21 Mar, 2024
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Hi Developers, I was interviewed for Cyber Evolve Technologies (a sister company of Rah Infotech) using virtual interviews. There were 3 rounds–

Aptitude Round :

The Google form link was sent by email. The test was 30 mins. The questions included Numerical Ability, Verbal English, and Reasoning Ability.

To learn or practice for the Aptitude round :

Technical Round:

The Google form link was sent by email. The test was 60 mins in MCQ format. The questions included SQL, Java, DBMS, and 2 programming questions.

Programming Question 1:

Programming Question 2:

Technical Interview + HR Interview:

After 3 days I received an invitation for a technical interview on Google Meet. It was 45 mins.

Java : Error Handling, overriding and overloading, OOPS concept, types of Collections , Difference between set and map.

Spring Boot : Dependencies , Starter dependency of the Spring boot module , Spring Initializer , Controller.

HR Round : The questions asked include — Introduction, What makes me fit for the role, Why Cyber Evolve, and basic HR questions.

They cross-question in order to check if you have a deep understanding. Make sure you are good at the skills mentioned in your resume.

It took 5 days for the offer letter. But I suggest you wait at least 2 weeks and in case of no communication till then, you can contact HR.

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