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Impetus Technologies Interview Experience for Software Developer | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2021

Round 1: Machine Test

Round 1 was a test on Hackerrank where a total of 19 questions was asked. 15 Aptitude questions all medium level, 2 Coding Problems(problems were on the array and linked list and the difficulty level were medium)  & 2 SQL Queries(1 very easy another one slightly difficult).

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Round 2: Technical Round

Virtual Technical Round. asked conceptual questions related to OS, DBMS, SQL, DSA, Programming Language, and OOPs. It was basically to check whether I am comfortable with my language or not then they asked me basic logical questions, also 2 puzzles, problems were related to linked lists, array and stack queues. like, fetch nth-node from from front and nth-node from end. also optimal approach for palindrome of a string 

Round 3: Technical Round and Managerial Round

This round was also the same as the previous round but in this round interviewer asked about my project internships experience, I was involved in web development previously so they asked me about caching. and also a bit of data structure that they gave me certain conditions and according to those conditions which data structure would you choose? type question.

Final Result:

Got rejected. all through each round was great I answered each and every question there. I don’t know my mistakes maybe it was my resume.

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