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Computer scientist vs Programmer vs Developer vs Hackers

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2019

Normally we hear he is a programmer, he is a developer and he is a hacker and he is a Computer scientist. But what is the difference between programmer, developer, hacker and a computer scientist? So In this article, I will try to distinguish between these words. Here I am giving a basic idea, I am not going in deep.

Computer scientists – A person who has deep knowledge of mathematics, machine level language(binary, assembly, etc.), data structures and algorithms and much more. The value of a computer scientist is undoubtedly at every industry level. The computer scientists can be found in big companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. Normally computer scientists focus on research like developing a new language or solving a big problem.

Programmers – A person who has knowledge of multiple programming language, data structures, and algorithms and has a vast knowledge of related areas. A programmer can solve problems by manipulating computer code. The value of programmers in the industry is high.

Developer – A developer is a trained programmer. They don’t just solve problems or create things but do so in accordance with a set of design and implementation principles. These include things like performance, maintainability, scale, robustness, and (ideally) security. For example a web developer, android developer, software developer, etc.

Hackers -A hacker has knowledge of computer networking, programming, cryptography, and databases. For hacking, there is no fixed syllabus that anyone can just read and become a hacker. Normally in an industry, Hackers works in an emergency scenario to save the data of company from hackers. A hacker finds a bug in the system a tells to developer or programmer in a company.

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