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Difference between Hackers and Crackers

Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2022
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For so many years, there is a debate between hackers and crackers. Both terms are linked with one subject which is Hacking. Hacking may be defined as the technique or planning which is done to get access to unauthorized systems. Simply we can say gaining access to a network or a computer for illegal purposes. The person who does that is very intelligent and skilled in computers. The person who is skilled in Hacking are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Hackers: Hackers are kind of good people who do hacking for a good purpose and to obtain more knowledge from it. They generally find loopholes in the system and help them to cover the loopholes. Hackers are generally programmers who obtain advanced knowledge about operating systems and programming languages. These people never damage or harm any kind of data.
  2. Crackers: Crackers are kind of bad people who break or violate the system or a computer remotely with bad intentions to harm the data and steal it. Crackers destroy data by gaining unauthorized access to the network. Their works are always hidden as they are doing illegal stuff. Bypasses passwords of computers and social media websites, can steal your bank details and transfer money from the bank.

The Difference between Hackers and Crackers:

Hacker Cracker
The good people who hack for knowledge purposes. The evil person who breaks into a system for benefits.
They are skilled and have advanced knowledge of computers OS and programming languages. They may or may not be skilled, some crackers just know a few tricks to steal data.
They work in an organization to help protect their data and give them expertise in internet security. These are the person from which hackers protect organizations.
Hackers share the knowledge and never damages the data. If they found any loophole they just delete the data or damages the data.
Hackers are the ethical professionals. Crackers are unethical and want to benefit themselves from illegal tasks.
Hackers program or hacks to check the integrity and vulnerability strength of a network. Crackers do not make new tools but use someone else tools for their cause and harm the network.
Hackers have legal certificates with them e.g CEH certificates. Crackers may or may not have certificates, as their motive is to stay anonymous.
They are known as White hats or saviors. They are known as Black hats or evildoers.

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