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Cognizant Interview Experience | On-Campus

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I am sharing my Cognizant Interview experience with you guys.


The first round comprised of 62 MCQ questions including verbal, aptitude, logical and Automata fix 7 questions(Test Duration: 2 hours including registration process):-

There were 22 questions from the verbal portion including error correction, preposition, article, reading comprehension, Antonyms, and synonyms.

There were 16 questions from Quantitative aptitude and 24 questions from Logical, the questions were more intuitive and not typical paper pen/formula based. They were not very difficult but were very tricky and was focused to check your speed.

Suggestion: I would suggest doing practice from sites like Indiabix, Campusgate as it will give the confidence to solve problems.

Logical aptitude part covered questions from Odd man out, Puzzle, Situation, seating arrangement.

Tips:- Solve the questions with a calm mind. Don’t stress yourself during the test because you have to do 69 questions in 120 minutes including a 20 min registration process in the AMCAT portal. Don’t spend too much time on any question if you are not able to do it in the first attempt and you have to be very fast.

Round-2 (Technical Interview Round-1)

1) He started by asking questions about my domain that’s ECE, he asked about the subjects and very few basic questions from them around 3 or 4. So be prepared with the basics very well.

2) Next, he asked if I know about data science and as I knew he went on asking based on cloud computing and IoT I successfully answered them and he was very happy.

3) Then he asked Questions from the project. My project was on Skin disease detection based on Image segmentation technique, so he asked various typical questions on python libraries and packages and how I executed the project what was my approach how I managed to deal with the huge number of images I answered all of them and he was like, “Ohh Great”. So be very much confident with your project

4)As I am from an ICSE background so he verified if I knew Java and when I said the basics he asked the oop concepts in detail and asked me to write a basic program on printing 10 numbers

5) Later he asked me basic questions on C programming language which included pointers, union, structures, loops.

6) After that he moved on to data structures and asked what I know about data structures and asked If I could write the codes and asked me to write a code to reverse the linked list I used the recursive method to do so and he asked why I used this approach I told him I liked this approach and he started to laugh.

7) Next, he asked If I have any question. I asked him a very good question which set him in a pause and he took some time to answer and that was all. So there is a little trick to ask the interviewer some good question that I leave as your homework.

Tips:- Explain using more diagrams(I used 3-4 total pages in this interview). Be confident with your CV. Don’t be rude as 99.99% of people want a conversation with a happy face. Don’t write something in the CV that you don’t know.

Round-3 (HR Round)

1) Tell me something about your family.

2) What is your biggest weakness?

3) Why CTS? (Prepare this very well).

4) Why after ECE you want to join IT company(Tricky but there is a more tricky way to tackle this so be prepared).

5) Some question about Cognizant.

6)What was your most challenging situation in life until now.

7) Do you have any Location constraints?

Tips:- Know yourself and the company before any interview.

Be calm & answer politely With a smiling face.


FINAL VERDICT: SELECTED(results came via TPO after 2 weeks)

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Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2019
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