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Cognizant Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2021
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I would love to share my on-campus placement experience with Cognizant. Cognizant conducted an online exam on the Amcat platform for our college Jadavpur University on the 18th and 19th of November.

Round 1 (Written Test): In round 1 there was a written test that consisted of 4 sections. 

  • Logical section:
  • Mathematical aptitude section:
  • Coding section: here we had 7 automata questions to solve, and we had C, Python, Java as options. 
  • Paragraph writing section: here I was given a topic to write about the technical and soft skills I will learn before joining the company and why within 200 words.

The result was declared after a week and luckily I was shortlisted for the interview. From our college, around 550 students sat for the exam that year, and they shortlisted 210 people for the interview. I had the interview round on the 30th of November on Amcat smart meet platform. Due to the pandemic, all the rounds were virtual and partnered with Amcat for the 2020 batch.

Round 2 (Interview technical+HR): Though the process was virtual, and they had to interview around 2500 students this year they kept technical and HR together which is usually done separately by the company. My interview was scheduled from 6 pm to 7 pm, and I was assigned only one person to interview me.

Questions asked me in the interview round:

  1. Tell me something about yourself. [most common question asked by most of the company]. I gave then a basic introduction about myself stating from my name to my educational background then my interests in general and also in terms of technology.  Keep the introduction brief so that in little words it says all about you.
  2. Why Cognizant? To this told him that I am interested in coding and I have heard of the training that the company provided and I believe I would get to learn a lot as a fresher. Besides during the preplacement talk, one of the mams said that Cognizant organizes some charity events and employees can be a part of it if they one, so these are some reasons why I want to be a part of the company and the interviewer seemed to be quite impressed. 
  3. I mentioned in my resume that I know C and python, so he asked me if I know Java. To this, I answered that I don’t know Java yet but as I am interested in learning app development so before joining the company I would Surely learn the language.
  4. He asked what is the use of the library in C programming.
  5. Then he asked me how is the header file written in C programming and to answering that he asked me the difference between writing a header file within ” ” and within <>
  6. 6. What will be the output?

  7. Difference between C and python?
  8. What are the latest technologies used these days?
  9. Some basic of OPPS from Python
  10. What is a null pointer and a dangling pointer?
  11. Questions from file handing
  12. How to print the address of a variable without using a pointer?
  13. What is the pointer to the pointer and how do we denote that?
  14. What is the column in the table called DBMS
  15. Acid properties of DBMS
  16. Write a query to return the third-highest salary from an employee table
  17. He gave me a maths question to solve
  18. The next question was if the corona situation sustains then how am I going to handle the situation in my life? To this, I answered him that if this still goes on I would stay in touch with my colleges and my seniors at the office and stay active virtually so that the situation does not stop me from making a progress
  19. Last he asked me if I had any queries? I asked him if the training was going to be virtual or at the office. To this, he couldn’t answer me because it was totally dependent on the situation. On the 19th of December, they sent the final selected candidates, and I was one of them.

General Advice:

  1. Be thorough with the resume because I am from a nontechnical background but as I have mentioned efficient in C, python, DBMS, SQL so my all questions were from there and not a single question from my own subject that is IEE
  2. Be confident as they also monitor that
  3. If you are not confident in answering any question, just skip that but avoid saying wrong deliberately


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