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Cognizant Interview Experience 2021

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Cognizant is hiring this year through an on-campus drive for selected colleges, this year due to COVID the hiring process is online. This year cognizant are providing two offers, one is cognizant GenC profile and another is genC Next. There are three rounds for GenC Next and two rounds are for GenC.

Round 1: Round1 is an Aptitude round that is on the Amcat platform. This round consists of four sections namely.

  • Quant (24 questions 35 minutes)
  • Logical (25 questions 35 minutes)
  • Code debugging (7 questions 20 minutes) 
  • Essay question for 15 minutes.

Round2: If are among the top scorer in the Aptitude you will be eligible for the GenC Next. In Round 2 you will be provided with 2 sections:

  • Section 1: Programming Skills
  • Section 2: Problem Solving Data Structures and Algorithm Capabilities

If you solved this then you will be going in round 3 for GenC Interview or if you are unable to crack this round you will be eligible for GenC interview.

Round3: Based on your performance you are eligible for GenC Next interview or GenC interview, I am selected for GenC. The interview is scheduled after 2 weeks of the exam, and we get our mails of the interview one day before.

The interview was scheduled on the Amcat Platform. In an interview there are also three sections like first they will ask you questions regarding your academics i.e Technical Questions, they are given some Aptitude questions for solving, and then HR questions. These rounds are combined into one interview for about 40 minutes.

The interviewer is on time, and he told me his name and told me that he is going to take first TR, then Aptitude, and the HR.

He started to tell me Something about you. The following questions were asked:

  1. What is Hadoop?
  2. What is HDFS in Hadoop ?
  3. What is cloud computing?
  4. Explain different types of clouds?
  5. What is service models in clouds, explain all?
  6. What is Kubernetes? (since I have done certifications in Kubernetes)
  7. What is a database?
  8. Difference between unique and primary key?
  9. What are the levels of isolation?

Then he asked me three questions from the aptitude section.

  1. In an examination A got 25% marks more than B, B got 10% less than C and C got 25% more than D. If D got 320 marks out of 500, the marks obtained by A were
  2. In Cognizant the number of employees increases from 108000 to 248000 in seven years, what is the rate of growth per 2 years?
  3. If Rina, Tina, and Jaya have an average of 18 years. Excluding Tina, the average age becomes 15 then what is the age of tine?

After this, he asked me some HR questions as follows?

  1. Recently faced difficult situations and how you handled that?
  2. Future Plans?
  3. Any questions for me and Done?

The interview is easy you just need to know about the basics of new technologies, your project, and about cognizant. I hope you liked the experience if you like it doesn’t forget to comment.

Thanks for reading.

Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2020
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