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Cognizant Digitial Nurture GenC Next Interview Experience

Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2022
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It was an on-campus hiring procedure for the role of Java Developer having good package in which we were asked to register ourselves. It was my first Interview Experience ever so I thought of writing about it that would inspire other people as well. So here it goes.

  • First, an examination was conducted whose questions were based on OOPs, JavaScript, MYSQL and Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. They tried to explore the qualities and basic knowledge of Web Development from its applicants. Some questions were on implementing them like how to take input from a form and show it in a paragraph, designing an interface per their wishes. In my opinion, this round was the toughest round of all the rounds. So I will suggest you prepare your basic java knowledge, and strengthen OOPS and these other topics as well because each of them would be needed.
  • After this round, only 15 students were selected from our college and they were asked to learn about maven, Spring Core, Spring MVC, and SpringBoot. We were given free access to some courses in udemy for learning these topics via cognizant. Our task was to learn these topics and solve assignments that were provided along with them. This procedure went on for almost 3 and a half months.
  • After that, Those students who performed well and solved every assignment in the previous round were shortlisted for the Technical Interview round. This round mainly emphasized java, Questions were mainly from OOPS and spring if you had any projects in it. The time limit for the individual interviews was not fixed, but on average, it was 30 mins. Mine went for 55 mins :).
  • The shortlisted candidates were taken up for the HR round and it was like a general interaction round. The HR made me comfortable with her and asked basic questions like where do you see yourself in the upcoming 5 years, are you comfortable with relocation, etc. If you feel any kind of discomfort from this type of question I would ask you to search and read about basic questions asked in an interview.

That’s it from my side.

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