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Citicorp Pune Interview | On Campus for Internship

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Citicorp Pune,  visited our campus to offer summer internship. Lat year they opened for circuital branches only and while having interview they asked our placement cell, can we call girls from other
branches which even didn’t appeared for test but they denied as it was against our rules.So, they opened for all branches this year. Coming back, there was a PPT given by company followed by announcement of shortlisted candidates.

Online Test:The online test was divided into 5 parts, Technical, General Aptitude, Quantitative, Verbal Reasoning and Coding(2 questions in 60 mins). The time for each section was fixed and separate. The Technical round MCQs consisted of questions regarding coding I/O, OOPs etc, the Quantitative section had MCQs regarding profit/loss, probability, statistics etc. The Aptitude and Verbal section were relatively easier. It was mandatory to attempt a question to go to the next one, and once attempted, it was not possible to review the question again. As for the Coding round, luck played an important role. Some students got easy questions while others received hard ones. Some of the coding question were Bit Manipulation(gray code sequence), Backtracking (Rat and cheese problem), frequency sorting(STL not allowed), finding a specific sub-tree in the main tree etc. Out of some 400 students who appeared, 84 were selected for the interview round.

Shortlisting Criteria:
U can’t really predict how they do this. But if u have done 2 coding questions completely u have
slightly lesser chances of getting shortlisted. Luckily in coding question my 3 out of 24 Test cases went wrong and i was selected.

Interview Experience:
Round 1: They went through my resume and meanwhile asked me to give my introduction. After that they asked me to explain my projects.One was from my core electrical which i explained in short and one was from graph matching which i started explaining meanwhile she kept asking questions related to these which i answered all. After 10 mins she told me “OK, I have to end this as i am running out of time”, and asked me definition of class. Then i was asked to ask if i have any questions for her. I asked her some and then i was said to wait outside.

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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2018
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