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Citicorp Interview Experience | Full Time Software Developer (On Campus)

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Both Citicorp, Pune and Citicorp, Chennai visited our campus. It was open for all  branches.

We have to choose our location preference.

Both locations were offering different roles. Citi Chennai  was Software Developer and Citi Pune was Technical Analyst.

Round1: Online Test

It was conducted on AMCAT platform for 2 hrs.

i)Logical Reasoning (14 minutes) 14 questions were given . Questions were based on relations, syllogisms etc.

ii)Quantitative Aptitude(16 minutes)  16 questions were given. Questions were based on time and work, profit and loss, etc. 

iii)Technical MCQ (25 minutes): 20 questions were given. Questions like print the output ,  time complexity of the given program, OOPS etc.  

I solved more than 90% of the MCQs. They were easy, we just need to solve them fast.

iv)Coding (60 min) 2 questions were given. Everyone didn’t have the same set of questions, I got gray code sequence(bit manipulation) and tree based problem. I finished one completely and the other one  partially. 

Questions for other students were String based problem, rat and cheese problem(backtracking), trapezium pattern printing etc.

63 people were shortlisted for the next round (Citi Chennai). Few people were shortlisted for both chennai and pune based on their preference.


There were rounds of interviews.

i) Tech + HR

ii) HR

Interview Round 1(Tech+HR) (30 min):

Interview was conducted on Smart meet platform of Aspiring Mind (due to COVID). There were two interviewers (one  was HR).

I was asked to share my resume in chatbox. They went through my resume and  asked me to give my introduction.

Tech Questions:

  • Difference between C vs C++.
  • Definition of Classes and Objects. Code and Real life Example.
  • Definitions of Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Different types of Data Structures and Algorithms. 
  • What is LIFO , FIFO in Data structures?
  • What is Binary Tree ?
  • How to insert an element in Binary Search Tree(Algo)?
  • What is OOPS? Explain about Polymorphism.
  • Explain about Inheritance
  • Explain about static 
  • What is difference between group by and order by in MySQL?
  • Difference between MySQL and Oracle?
  • Explain DML in DBMS.

HR Questions:

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media.
  • Come up with a technical solution to handle disadvantages. Algo of the solution.
  • What would you change in the society and environment if given power?
  • What are qualities of a leader? Do you have those qualities?
  • Do you prefer team work or individual work ?
  • What are the skills you learnt from teamwork?
  • Do you prefer routine work?
  • Strengths and weakness 
  • Which one is more creative among civil projects and CSE projects. (My major is Civil and minor is CSE) Which work do you prefer to do?
  • What are your biggest accomplishments?

Interview ended with me asking couple of questions about his role.

25 were called for HR Round

Interview round 2 (HR) (10 min):

  • How was your day?
  • Walk me through your resume 
  • Tell me about your family.
  • Challenges faced in a team project and how did u overcome that? What did you learn from that.
  • Why Citi?
  • Any questions for me? I asked few questions about citi.

Verdict : Selected 


Be Confident. Try to revise basics before the interview.

Be Yourself. There is no right answer or wrong answer in HR questions

Be able to explain anything from your resume.

All the best 🙂

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2020
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