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Citicorp Interview Experience | On-Campus

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Citicorp visited our campus for full-time hiring and the initial shortlisting criteria were all students from CS, IT, and ENTC branch with CGPA >= 6 and no active backlogs.

Round 1(Online Round): It consisted of Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Technical MCQs and 2 Coding questions. The difficulty level was medium. 

  • Out of two coding questions, one was quite easy and was similar to finding GCD of elements in an array and another was based on backtracking and was similar to the Rat in a Maze problem. 
  • Try completing at least one coding question. 
  • The overall scores matter in the, hence you must not neglect the aptitude section as well.  
  • Around 50-60 students were shortlisted for the interview.

Round 2(Technical Interview): I was initially asked to introduce myself. 

  • Further, I was asked the programming language that I was comfortable in. Since I said ‘Java’, the questions were based on JAVA like OOPs Concept, Use of static keyword, Interfaces in JAVA, etc. 
  • The next questions were based on DSA. I was asked to implement Queue using two stacks. 
  • Then interviewer moved ahead to ask questions based on my resume. It was around 30 mins that this round went on.

Tip: Know everything that is there on your resume. Be thorough with OOPs, DSA in general. If you choose a particular language (e.g: JAVA) then make sure you are aware of its basics (keywords, etc).

Round 3(Technical + HR Interview): This round was longer than the previous technical round and questions were majorly based on resume. 

I was also asked one technical question wherein they had given me a problem statement and then I was asked to tell them the basic approach and the technology to be used. Even if you give a very basic answer initially it is fine. As the interviewers are very helpful and help you guide further to improve it. They are basically checking your approach so think out loud. 

The next questions were HR-based like:

  • Why do you want to be a part of CITI? 
  • If you don’t get selected today, what would you do next / what would your plan be? 
  • I was from the IT branch and they asked me why didn’t I opt for CS / was your choice IT itself? 
  • If you have interned somewhere, the questions can be around that as well: What did you learn and how was the learning different from college? 
  • Will you join that organization if it gave you a higher package?

Around 9-10 students were selected and I am glad that I was one of them. 


  • Again, be ready to answer anything on your resume because the question can literally be based on the ‘Additional Experience / Extracurricular Activities’ section as well. 
  • Be confident throughout the process as they might see how you react to various situations. 


Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2021
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