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Cisco Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
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Role – Technical Consulting Engineer(FTE 2021)

Round 1(Online Test – 1 hr): Consisted of around 24-25 MCQ ranging from topics like Networking, SQL, Python, Java, C/C++, and Aptitude. The majority of the questions however were from Networking and Aptitude. In addition to this, it had a coding question as well. 

The coding question was something like this.  

  1. Given a main string and array of strings, print if the array of strings can be converted to the main string with the addition of a group of similar letters. The letters can be added to the string only if the same group of letters is greater than 3 in the main string.
    Input- whatsssuuup
    Output- [true,false,true]

Round 2(Technical + Non-Technical Round – 30 to 40 mins): The interviewers in general were interested in everything you had on your resume. From hobbies to projects, everything. Also, they would keep switching between technical and non-technical questions on the fly.

Introduce yourself – I pretty much kept my introduction to my projects, internships, the clubs, and social services activities I was interested in. This seemed to have worked as one of the interviewers was aware of one of the clubs I was working with.  

  1. How good are you with Networking basics, did you had this course or have any CCNA certification? – To this, I answered in affirmative, although I did not have any CCNA certification on me.
  2. What is a 404 error?
  3. Have you ever faced this error? If yes, how did you deal with it?
  4. Difference between a Router and a Switch?
  5. If you log in to Facebook and let’s say it is not responding what will be your troubleshooting method?
  6. How many layers are there in a TCP/IP model? Can you name them?
  7. What is the name of the internet device kept in your home that provides you with an active internet connection? What are its functions?
  8. How was your journey from your school to your college?
  9. Tell us more about your projects, What was the thought process behind making them?
  10. Do you have any questions for us?

These were not all the questions, I may have forgotten some, but this is a healthy fraction. It is always nice of you to ask something of your own from the interviewer so do your research well, and do attend the PPT of the company it might help.

Round 3(Technical Round – 30 to 40 mins): Although this round did have some non-technical behavioral questions like scenario-based, to judge how you would be able to handle situations. The technical rounds mostly consisted of Networking questions.

  1. What is a NIC?
  2. What is a MAC address?
  3. Can two machines have the same MAC address?
  4. What is an IP address?
  5. Difference between IP and MAC address.
  6. Can a system have multiple IP addresses?
  7. Can two networks have the same MAC address?
  8. Why do we need IPv6 if we have IPv4, the Difference between the two?
  9. What does a router do?
  10. Name some routing protocols.
  11. Difference between RIP and Link State Routing.
  12. Functions of Presentation Layer.
  13. Project-related questions.
  14. Do you have any questions for me?

Round 4(HR Round – 15 mins):

  1. What do you understand about your role?.
  2. Why do you want to join CISCO?
  3. Are you comfortable relocating?
  4. Any questions for me?

After this, the result came out the same day

General Takeaway –  

  1. Study networking really well, at least the basics of it, the questions asked were not very tough if you are well prepared.
  2. CISCO’s proctoring was really strict in the online testing round, so make sure you read the directions well so that you are not flagged for cheating mistakenly.
  3. Be confident, and present yourself well.
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