Cisco Interview Experience | On-Campus

Round 1:

Cisco came for an on campus drive in our college. The recruitment process consisted of an online test followed by few round(s) of interview. The online test had questions from digital Electronics, networking, data structures and one coding question, which would mostly be from DSA. Now after the first round the students who qualified went for interview the very next day.

Round 2:

The interview had basically 2 rounds and one HR round. The first round was purely a technical round. They asked questions from project (which included most of the time of interview). There were questions from networking as well, which obvious as the company is based on networking. Then they asked me questions from data structures and algorithms. The interview lasted about 25 to 30 minutes.

Round 3:

Then the students who qualified first round went to second round which was combination of technical and managerial round. There again I was asked mainly about my projects. Then I was given to choose any one among networking, data structures and algorithms, coding. I selected coding as I was confident in that. So they asked me 2 coding questions, which were of good level. Then there was questions from networking as well. This round had some puzzles, which were of good IQ level. You just have to use presence of mind to answer those. This round also lasted about 25 to 30 minutes.

The students who qualified this round went for the final round, the HR round. This round had questions about yourself, your where abouts and all. Also some basic HR round questions where asked, like why should we hire you etc.

In my college more than 250 students registered for the online test and 40 got selected for the interview round. After the first round of interview 20 went for next round. And finally 8 got selected during HR round, and I was one of them.

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