Difference between Cloud Computing and Virtualization

1. Cloud Computing :
Cloud computing is a client-server computing architecture. In cloud computing, resources are used in centralized pattern and cloud computing is a high accessible service. Cloud computing is a payment and usage business tool, users pay for usage.

2. Virtualization:
Virtualization is the establishment of cloud computing. It is this novelty that empowers a continuous asset age from certain eccentric conditions or a singular physical device framework. Here the job of hypervisor is essential, which is legitimately associated with the equipment to make a few virtual machines from it. These virtual machines working is unmistakable, independent and doesn’t meddle with one another.In the condition of disaster recovery, it relies on single peripheral device as single dedicated hardware do a great job in it.

Virtualization exists in different classes which are:-

Let’s see the difference between Cloud computing and Virtualization:-

S.NO Cloud Computing Virtualization
1. Cloud computing is used to provide pools and automated resources that can be accessed on-demand. While It is used to make various simulated environments through a physical hardware system.
2. Cloud computing setup is tedious, complicated. While virtualization setup is simple as compared to cloud computing.
3. Cloud computing is high scalable. While virtualization is low scalable compared to cloud computing.
4. Cloud computing is Very flexible. While virtualization is less flexible than cloud computing.
5. In the condition of disaster recovery, cloud computing relies on multiple machines. While it relies on single peripheral device.
6. In cloud computing, the workload is stateless. In virtualization, the workload is stateful.
7. The total cost of cloud computing is higher than virtualization. The total cost of virtualization is lower than virtualization.
8. Cloud computing requires many dedicated hardware. While single dedicated hardware can do a great job in it.
9. Cloud computing provides unlimited storage space. While storage space depends on physical server capacity in virtualization.
10. Cloud computing is of two types : Public cloud and Private cloud. Virtualization is of two types : Hardware virtualization and Application virtualization.

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