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1.What do you understand by Adaptive query processing launched in SQL Server? Answer: SQL Server and Azure SQL Database introduce a new generation of query… Read More
Designing a URL shortener service is one of the frequently asked common questions of system design round in interviews. You will have to tell your… Read More
Harry Potter is a courageous hero…. But where would he be without Dumbledore?!! Mentors are extremely important as they show us the way and guide… Read More
Big data is the next big thing in the tech industry. When harnessed to its full power, it can change business practices for the better.… Read More
Publishing websites can sometimes be very tricky and could cost you some bucks as well but with GitHub Pages, the entire process is so seamless… Read More
Website navigation is basically a process of navigating website and is an essential part of website design. Therefore, website navigation is very important when it… Read More
Skype interviews are new normal nowadays. The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected each and every sector not only in India but even in the entire… Read More
In early 2021, You conclude that you will do something productive this year, so you decide to learn new things or sharpen your already learned… Read More
If you want to make your career in cloud computing and your dream job is in the cloud. You must apply for the “AWS Educate… Read More
Knowledge is very important for any individual. People say that “Sharing increases knowledge” which means if you share your knowledge with another person that’ll only… Read More
Government Exams are the toughest and elite set of exams. There are a variety of exams conducted for recruitment under state government and central government sectors… Read More
Indeed, Android Development is one of the fastest evolving tech domains across the world. Statistically, Android occupies more than 80% of the overall market share… Read More
You have a talent and get an opportunity to showcase it. Also, get a cash prize as a reward. What could be better than this?… Read More
If you’re a developer then building a website and serving it to the users can be the most pleasurable things for you. After all, you… Read More
If you are in any way connected to the tech industry, chances are that you have heard of Machine Learning! It’s the current cutting edge… Read More

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