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Is Flutter Worth Learning? Top 7 Reasons to Learn Flutter

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In today’s era, the usage of smartphones has increased exponentially and so has the use of mobile applications and websites. Meanwhile, considering future career prospects, learning web development and mobile app development is strongly recommended for all individuals. And when we come to mobile app development, there are two most-popular open-source frameworks – Flutter and React Native. It is really worthwhile for all beginners to learn any one of these two frameworks for making a successful career in the Mobile App development field. Keeping this in mind, we’ll discuss Flutter in detail and get to know – is Flutter worth learning or why it is best to learn.

Is Flutter Worth Learning - Reasons to Learn Flutter

What is Flutter?

Firstly, let’s have a brief introduction to Flutter – It is an open-source native mobile app development platform developed by Google. Native development means you can develop android as well as IOS applications using the same code. Flutter provides a lot of widgets for making almost any type of application and it also provides animation support which you can use for your application. Moreover, Flutter is powered by Dart – a programming language that Flutter uses to make android and IOS apps. It enables the application to directly interact with the native platform instead of going through JavaScript like in React Native and that makes Flutter fast and efficient.

One of the main features of Flutter is that it supports Hot Reload and Hot Restart:

Hot Reload - Flutter

In the above image, you can see the yellow electric button – this is the hot reload button. Hot Reload is a special functionality in which it provides your program to be updated in less time. In normal development, every time you click on the green run button you need to wait for a minute to update your app but using hot reload your app gets updated in a second.

Is Flutter Worth Learning in 2022 and Beyond?

If you are looking forward to learning Mobile Application Development then Flutter is a good choice. It provides a lot of benefits in the cross-platform app development route, along with quicker deployment, a single codebase for both iOS and Android, greater efficiency, and simultaneous app upgrades. Hence, you can go for it and learn Flutter in the future.

Some other remarkable features of Flutter are:

  • Supports Hot Reload and Hot Restart
  • Develops Efficient and High Performing Applications.
  • Cross-platform App Development
  • Huge widget library
  • Cost and Time effective

7 Reasons Why Flutter is Worth Learning:

1. Increasing Demand for Flutter Developers

Flutter Developers’ demand is increasing day by day in the job market as almost everyone is moving towards Native app development for which Flutter is very much relevant. Even many experienced developers who are in the development domain for many years are finding Flutter preferable.

2. Larger Community

Think if you got stuck in any programming error and nobody is near you to guide what’s wrong. So, as a developer what’ll you do? Right, you search your error on Google or in a browser and you’ll find a similar problem with a solution. And that’s where the role of the larger Flutter community comes! The Flutter developers community has seen exponential growth in the last few years on different QA forums such as Stack Overflow, etc.

3. Better Documentation

Indeed, well-prepared documentation is also very essential for any framework or language to make a good standing in the market and Flutter has awesome and fully organized documentation where you can easily learn the syntax and other required concepts in detail. Also, Flutter contains lots of libraries and widgets and you can easily find all of these on Flutter documentation. 

4. Fast Development & Time-Effective

Flutter supports the fast development process and saves a lot of time for the developers. Firstly, with the help of various enriching widgets, you can easily create a creative UI/UX design for your applications. Also, it is quite easy with Flutter to apply all the changes and fixes bugs instantly. Moreover, with Flutter, there is required less time to spend on testing and deployment of the application.

5. Easy to Learn

Flutter is comparatively easier to learn and if you know JAVA priorly then it becomes more convenient and easier for you to command over Flutter. Also, as Flutter uses Dart programming language, you need to be proficient with the language. You can start to learn Flutter by watching video tutorials and reading the official documentation.

6. One Code for Various Platforms

Another reason why flutter is better as it has amazing solutions for developing mobile applications. You do not require to create separate code for iOS and Android, but its cross-platform app development allows you to build only one code to run your application on different platforms. It provides you with various other advantages like increased efficiency, cost optimization, etc. 

7. Numerous Plugins

In order to work with the naive features of the mobile phone, Flutter provides you with plenty of plugins and the main attraction here is that these plugins are created by the Google team itself. Hence, there is no confusion and all the major plugins are updated and supported along the framework. 


Some renowned applications that are built with Flutter are Reflectly,, InKino, Google Ads, and many more. Considering the rapidly growing demand & popularity of Flutter, it can be assumed that Flutter is going to dominate the mobile app development domain and it should also clear your doubt that why Flutter is best to learn in the coming years. 

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Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2022
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