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Category Archives: Data Mining

Data mining is the process of collecting and processing data from a heap of unprocessed data. When the patterns are established, various relationships between the… Read More
The surrogate key is a unique identifier of a row/record in a relational table. It is added to each dimension table which does not include… Read More
Data mining refers to extracting or mining knowledge from large amounts of data. In other words, Data mining is the science, art, and technology of discovering… Read More
Data Mining is the process of collecting data and then processing them to find useful patterns with the help of statistics and machine learning processes.… Read More
Data Mining is a process is in which user data are extracted and processed from a heap of unprocessed raw data. By aggregating these datasets… Read More
Cluster Analysis is the process to find similar groups of objects in order to form clusters.It is an unsupervised machine learning-based algorithm that acts on… Read More
The security of our computer systems and data is at continual risk. The extensive growth of the Internet and the increasing availability of tools and… Read More
Aggregation in data mining is the process of finding, collecting, and presenting the data in a summarized format to perform statistical analysis of business schemes… Read More
Classification and prediction are two main methods used to mine the data. We use these two techniques to analyze the data, to explore more about… Read More
Data Mining is to intelligently discover useful information from large amounts of data to solve real-life problems. It is a combination of two words: data… Read More
Data Mining plays a major role in segregating useful data from a heap of big data. By analyzing the patterns and peculiarities, it enables us… Read More
OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) could be an innovation that’s utilized to organize expansive business databases and back business intelligence. OLAP databases are… Read More
Clustering Analysis is the process of dividing a set of data objects into subsets. Each subset is a cluster such that objects are similar to… Read More
Data Analytics is one of the most emerging technologies in the present-day world. With the increase in the demand for portable and remote devices like… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the life cycle phases of Big Data Analytics. It differs from traditional data analysis, mainly due to the fact… Read More

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