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Capgemini Interview Experience September 2018

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Capgemini came to our campus in September 2018. They allowed students from all streams including CSE, IT, EE, ECE, AEIE with 60% throughout and no active backlog to sit.

The whole process had 4 rounds:

1)Aptitude and Essay.
2) Pseudo Code(Data Structure & Algorithm) Round.
3) Technical Interview.
4) HR Interview.

Round 1(Aptitude and Essay):

The aptitude was based on standard quantitative and critical reasoning questions, 32 each for a total 50 minutes time. Only one essay questions with max no. of words 149 and min. 182 for 30 minutes time.

This round is taken by CoCubes on behalf of Capgemini. The cutoff was high to eliminate students. The exam works in slots where you have to enter a pass key in order to give the exam and the results are declared pass key wise.

Result was declared with in 15 minutes of the exam. Very less number of students get selected to next  pseudo code round.

Round 2(Pseudo Code(Data Structure & Algorithm)):

The pseudo code round was very moderate for us, though for my friends in other slots it was easy.25 questions in 25 minutes. Many people from our slot got rejected.The questions were conceptual, output based.You also need to have general idea of pattern programs.

Round 3(Technical Interview):

The Technical Interview round was little tough.First, they ask you to tell about yourself. They check your CV thoroughly and ask you from there. Don’t lie on your CV, you must be prepared to answer anything and everything related to what you have put in your CV. They asked questions from C, JAVA, DBMS, Algorithm and the subjects that you have put on your CV. Some of my friends were asked about Collection Framework of Java and other tough questions.

Round 4(HR Interview):

The HR round was more of a formality. Why Capgemini, Tell us about yourself, Why should we hire you… this type of questions asked.

And also the trap question are you interested in higher studies? Tackle it carefully guys.

All of us who cleared Technical got selected.

Some suggestions for Exam Preparation:

1.Practice as many aptitude tests as you can before sitting your exam.  The more questions you practice the more confident you will be and the more types of questions you will have seen.

2.Clear the concepts of Data Structure and Algorithm and then

Practice, practice, practice. Programming is not a spectator sport. You don’t learn to program by looking at code. You learn to program by programming.

3.Go through the projects you mentioned in CV. They will definitely ask questions on project and why you choose the project….

4.Brush up OOPs concepts.In interview first questions will come from here to check your basics.

5. Work on spoken English if you have problem with it(read aloud, listen music, watch movies, think on a matter in English not your daily speaking language), As I mentioned earlier HR round was for formality but they will check your English speaking skill, communication skills, how you maintain eye contact.

Best of Luck!

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Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2018
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