Undostres Interview September 2018

Undostres Questions September 2018

Round 1: Written coding and MCQ round of 1 hr 30 min. 20 MCQ’s and 3 coding problems on Data structures.
MCQ’s had the question on following topics:

  • Sorting Algo
  • Time complexities
  • DP
  • Greedy Algo
  • Binary Trees
  • Heap
  • Output problems

3 coding questions were:

  • You are given a singly linked list and you have to print all pair of nodes in the linked list whose sum is 10. If no pair exists print -1
  • You are given an array of integers. You have to find the two elements from the array whose absolute difference is minimum. If multiple pairs of elements exist print them all.
  • You are given a binary tree, find all pair of nodes whose sum is equal to 20

Only function was asked to be implemented not the whole program.

Round 2: Students shortlisted after round 1 were called for Technical Round on Skype. Problems asked in this round were tough Data structures problem

Study DSA and time, space complexities.
Be confident and clear in your answers. If you are having a Skype interview, make sure you have the good Internet connection so that you can understand the problem and the interviewer can clearly hear you.

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