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Capgemini Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 05 Dec, 2018

Round 1: All the student who were sorted for interview were gathered for the first round that was a aptitude test from cocubes. It was simple not that much hard if you have prepared from books like Arun sharma, it will be an easy nut to crack all the levels. Apt time was given, and test was online so didn’t cause much problem. Results came soon as all the rounds were to be happened on same day.

Round 2:Another thing that I had never faced in an interview was Versant Round. I, ll advice those of  you who don’t know it’s better to research  before facing it.There were three rounds each tougher than the previous one. You will be given some statement or questionnaire over cellphone and you have to answer them in the same manner. Like repeating the words or stating a similar one, even arranging them in order or simply listening the whole series and to answer them in same way as it was told. Feels like an easy task but believe me it wasn’t.

Round 2 was divided in two parts after that another technical round happened. Mainly question were asked from your CV or educational back ground. Then some trick questions just to check your presence of mind, programming as well as architecture related questions.

If you don’t know the answers the best thing is to tell them straight that you don, t know, thinking of tricking them or fooling somehow will not be fruitful in anyway.

Round 3: Round third was where coding skill was checked. I was interviewed for Embedded Development profile so was asked questions and concepts from that background. Operating System concepts came very handy in impressing them. Beside these Some Commands in IOT and Networking also added some points.

And after that came the HR round, till now you will also know that this is for formality but never take it as granted. Be professional and ready for any situation just in case it happened. I have seen many people loosing their job in final round just because of their stubborn attitude. Make no such mistake if you want one just nod your head and answer yes in everything.

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