Capgemini Interview Experience (2+ Experience)

I got call from Capgemini to attend interview for C++ developer ( they picked up my profile from naukri).

Interview scheduled on Saturday at Capgemini Airoli office, Mumbai.

Interview time mentioned in call letter : 10 AM so i reached at 9:50 AM.

but after waiting for all most 5 hours they called me for 1st round of Interview(even it was not walk-in)

Interviewer: tell me about yourself?
Me: told

Interviewer : How would you rate yourself in C++ out of 10.

Me: 7-8

Interviewer: What is inheritance?

Me: explained.

Interviewer: What is singleton class?

Me: explained little bit.

Interviewer: What is runtime polymorphism?

Me: explained.

Interviewer: Tell me what you have done in your project by using C++, which data structure you have used?

Me: explained.

Interviewer: What is concept of socket programming?(As i mentioned socket programming in intro as my previous project)

Me: explained.

Interviewer: Ok, you can wait for some time.

Me : ok, have a good day!


So guys that was my overall Interview experience with Capgemini.

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