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BuyHatke Interview Experience | On-Campus For Internship
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2020

BuyHatke is an E-commerce startup and its main focus is to compare prices for online shopping. It was an On-Campus Internship Drive for a pre-final year in July 2020 where eligible candidates should have a CGPA of 7.5 or above. It has to be done in one-day.

Round 1 (Coding Round): It was an online coding round that was held in the morning 8:30 am. On the day before it, I wasn’t able to sleep as it was my first ever round for any company. So, let’s go ahead on what happened.

There were 4 problems:

1. Zigzag string.

2. First non-repeating character in a stream of characters.

3. Find all triplets with zero-sum. In these, we have to find distinct triplets which add up to give zero.

4. It was a graph problem and when I noticed it at first sight I closed that problem as I didn’t have knowledge of the graph properly.

After the round ends, I solved 1 & 2 completely and 3 partially. And we got a result around 30 mins after the round ends and around 15 students shortlisted, and I was also among them for the next round,i.e., Interview Round.

Round 2 (Interview Round): It was to be done 30 mins after the Coding round results and literally I didn’t have idea what to speak in this round as already mentioned above that it was my first interview. In these, they had a panel of 2-3 interviewers and it was to take place on Zoom. So, what happened when my turn comes

Interviewer: Tell me about you?

    Me: (Explained in-depth for around 2-3 minutes)

Interviewer: You have made this project (a responsive web application) so, tell me what are the promises in JavaScript?

   Me: I tried to answer this but maybe it was not that much accurate (Around 4-5 minutes)

Interviewer: Tell me the Output of this code?

   Me: According to me I have answered this correctly for sure. A screen was shared where he asked me 2-3 code’s output, one of them was on the pointer and when I got the output correct then he asked me to explain the logic behind it. The output part is done around 15-20 minutes.

Interviewer: He asked me a question on the tree. If you are given a number ‘n’ then how many BSTs (Binary Search Trees) you can make?

   Me: This takes around 40-45 minutes, I have tried this but in the end didn’t impress the interviewer. It was a standard problem,i.e., the answer is nothing but it is a Catalan Number.

Link to the problem: Total number of possible Binary Search Trees and Binary Trees with n keys

At last, when the result comes, I was not selected but the fun fact was that no one was selected on that day. That day I learned one thing that some things are bound to happen even if you donโ€™t want. Although it was my first experience.

Happy Coding ๐Ÿ™‚

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