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Buyhatke Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2021

Buyhatke Interview Experience

Coding Round:

  • There was a coding round consisting of 4 questions.
  • These were hard problems involving concepts like dynamic programming and binary search.
  • 20 students were selected after this round.

Technical Rounds: There were two technical interview rounds. 

Technical Round 1: In the first round,

  1. My interviewer asked me to introduce myself and brief him about my projects.
  2. Then he asked a few questions related to OS, OOPS, and DBMS.
  3. OS: Questions from scheduling algorithms and memory management were asked.
  4. OOPS: Basic OOPs concepts and questions from abstract classes were asked.
  5. DBMS: questions about different types of keys were asked.

      Then I was asked 3 DS Algorithms Questions.

    1. A question related to linked list in which I had to delete a node when the head pointer wasn’t provided in O(1)
    2. A question in which I was to tell if a number is a power to 2 in O(1).
    3. A question in which there was given an array and I had to return the number of pairs whose sum was divisible by k.

      Then he answered some of my queries.

  6. 4 students were selected for the second technical interview.

Technical Round 2: Once again the interview started with introductions and a discussion of my projects.

In this round I was asked 3 DS Algorithms questions.

  1. A question involving trees was asked which could be solved using simple dfs traversal.
  2. A question involving bfs traversal in a matrix. afterwards I was also asked to differentiate between dfs and bfs traversals.
  3. A hard dynamic programming question was asked. It took me a long time to solve this one.

Then I was asked questions about React and JavaScript as I had mentioned them in my resume.

After this round 3 students were selected for the internship.

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