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BITS Pilani Interview Experience for PhD 2022

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  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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BITS Pilani takes full-time and part-time PhD students in various courses. I have appeared in Computer Engineering.

B.Tech students should appear for writing tests. If you’re an M.Tech, you’ll be directly called for an interview. My interview was held on the 5th of December 2022 in the computer department inside a conference hall.  In the conference hall, there were 4 male professors and 1 female professor who took my interview. They have asked the following questions:

  • When you did BTech
  • Your MTech, thesis(project)
  • What are you currently doinghD 
  • How you get into this job
  • Explain your thesis
  • What research you may like to pursue
  • Which subject do you like
  • What is hashing
  • What merge sort
  • What is “log n” in merge sort
  • What is design technical
  • If you have large text, how do you count a word in large text (fastest method)
  • What is the F1 score
  • What is recursion? examples of recursion.
  • Which is faster, recursion or for loop
  • When to use recursion
  • Can we apply for loop instead of recursion
  • Random questions from current job etc

PS: it is a good idea to take print of your resume and research work on which you may like work.  Prepare DSA, DBMS and your job technologies (if applicable).

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