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IIT Guwahati Admission Experience for PhD

Last Updated : 05 Jun, 2023
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So, I filled four subjects in the form of my preference stating DS, ALGO, COA, and Discrete Mathematics.

Questions asked to me:

  1. Difference between RISC and CISC(
  2. Write Instruction to add two numbers which are present in memory.
  3. Now write the same instruction in CISC to add to numbers in memory
  4. What are various levels of cache in memory hierarchy, is L1 and L2 cache same, if not, what is the difference, speed and time wise.
  5. What are DRAM and SRAM(
  6. Question on Multi-Core CPU and interprocess communication in terms of how two processors in multicore talk to each other.
  7. What is GCD
  8. How to compute GCD
  9. What is Euclidian GCD
  10. What is extended Euclidian Algo
  11. What is the time complexity of GCD
  13. What are the worst-case time complexity and best case time complexity of Sorting algorithm(God’s Sorting Algo)
  14. What is flow control(
  15. What  are the two main routing algorithms
  16. What are advantages and disadvantages of DVR and LSR(
  17. What is an autonomous system?
  18. Why Internet is divided into so many small networks, why one such network cannot work?
  19. Which Routing algorithm is used to connect two autonomous systems?

Overall Interview Experience:

It was my first IIT interview, I was interviewed by Benny George K, Hemangee K. Kapoor, Arijit Sur, and Tamarapalli Venkatesh. I really find IIT Guwahati PHD interview very important in my holistic growth. I would recommend everyone to join IIT Guwahati PHD CSE, if you get a chance. 

The interview process was smooth and challenging also for me, as I didnt mention CN in my interview but still they asked me questions from CN, so they checked how I reacted to the questions. 

Inputs for you to prepare:

You really need to study hard and revise your GATE notes, and think on why we study these subjects and how things are done in reality instead of just learning things for GATE.

Although my GATE rank is 1922, but still I was interested in research so I gave the interview.

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