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Zeus Learning is an Indian information technology company that helps publishers and EdTech companies benefit from the latest technology and teaching innovations. I applied for… Read More
The art of “Communicating with Computers” is called coding, It allows us to be able to communicate with computers, and make them do what we… Read More
In C programming language, scanf is a function that stands for Scan Formatted String. It reads data from stdin (standard input stream i.e. usually keyboard)… Read More
Linux Users do enjoy the advantage of installing hundreds of software with a  single command, so In WINDOWS we do have a WINGET package manager… Read More
Here, we will see how to multiply two floating-point numbers using the C++ program. Below are the examples: Examples: Input: A =1.2        … Read More
In this article, we will see how to change the background color of li (list item) on hover using CSS. The hover effect may be… Read More
Every great programmer, like you, works to develop code that is as efficient as possible and produces the best results. So the main goal of… Read More
Stack: A stack is a linear data structure in which elements are accessed, inserted and deleted from one end called the top of the stack.… Read More
What is a Proper Tail Call? Proper tail calls (PTC) is a programming language feature that enables memory-efficient recursive algorithms. Tail call optimization is where… Read More
SharedPreference is a small data storage in our phone where we can store data in pairs of keys and values. We can store an integer,… Read More
Each time an array is declared in the program, contiguous memory is allocated to it.  Array base address: The address of the first array element… Read More
ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment while 721 is the proposal identifier number. It is a standard interface for Non-Fungible tokens(NFTs), it has a… Read More
Given an integer N, the task is to construct an array of N distinct elements (arr[i] ≤ N+1) such that the bitwise XOR of every… Read More
The exchange() function is a built-in function in C++ 14 defined in the <utility> header. The exchange() function copies new value to old value and… Read More
College life is always special in every student’s learning phase, it teaches them how to build a career, have real fun, explore opportunities, etc. Well,… Read More
Before Arithmetic progression we have to know about Sequences and Series. A sequence is basically a pattern or we can say arrangement of numbers with… Read More
Before Vector projection we have to look at scalar projection or generally we says projection of  , means vector  produces projection on vector . Projections are basically of… Read More
Summer Vacations are here! Are you a DSA Philomath? If yes, Do you want to spend your weekend productively this summer vacation? So, GeeksforGeeks has come… Read More
A logic gate is a simple switching circuit that determines whether an input pulse can pass through to the output in digital circuits. The building… Read More
The Onsen UI Progress Bar is used to create a basic progress bar on a web page. It can be used to create an animated… Read More

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