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Given an HTML document and the task is to enable or disable the form submit button in jQuery. Approach: To enable or disable the form… Read More
Finally, the year 2020 is all set to bid us goodbye and the New Year 2021 is just about to come with a lot of… Read More
In Jupyter Notebook we always build some models, do some plotting on given Dataset, and many more. But we can also publish our Jupyter file… Read More
Given a Binary Tree, the task is to find the smallest subtree that contains all the deepest nodes of the given Binary Tree and return… Read More
Given an integer N (2 ≤ N ≤ 1e6), the task is to find the maximum element present in the array arr[] of size N… Read More
Getting the file extension of the file is through Java using File class of Java i.e. probeContentType() method. The File class is Java’s representation of… Read More
The registration took place in the month of August 2021 and before registering for the off-campus drive Hexaware had mentioned few eligibility criteria like they… Read More
Homebrew is a package manager used for installing software to Mac systems and Linux systems. It comes in handy as using it can avoid the… Read More
A circle is a simple shape consisting of all the points in the plane that are equidistant from a point known as the center of… Read More
Let us first understand the meaning of the word On-Premises and On Cloud. On Premises : In on-premises, from use to the running of the… Read More
Blockchain : Blockchain is a system of recording data that makes it troublesome or not possible to vary, hack, or cheat the system. Blockchain is… Read More
There are mainly four ways of creating files in LINUX. All of them have their own purpose and benefits. They are as follows: 1. cat… Read More
Given three positive integers N, M and X, the task is to generate a number by appending X digits on the right side of N… Read More
New Year…New Beginning…!!! What’s your plan for this year??? (Being a programmer) Of course, if you’re a programmer then this year you will also write… Read More
Matplotlib library is widely used for plotting graphs. In many graphs, we require to have grid to improve readability. Grids are created by using grid()… Read More
Prerequisites: Numpy Elements of an array can be referenced like a regular python array. Since python internally doesn’t support arrays, here whenever we use the… Read More
Prerequisites: Beautifulsoup YouTube statistics of a YouTube channel can be used for analysis and it can also be extracted using python code. A lot of… Read More
The string is a sequence of characters including spaces. Objects of String are immutable in java, which means that once an object is created in… Read More
Convert Milliseconds to Minutes and Seconds in java using methods like toMinutes() and toSeconds(), TimeUnit which is in the concurrent package. Milliseconds: 1 millisecond =… Read More
Round 1(HackWithInfy Round 1): Online coding competition was conduced on HackerEarth. 3 Questions had to be solved in 3 hours. 1 question is easy, 1… Read More