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Barclays Interview Experience | On Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2018
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The investment service company came to my campus in early July 2018 to hire people for an Analyst job at the Pune campus. There were multiple rounds as the selection procedure.

1st round:
There was an aptitude test for 60 questions ranging from verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and data interpretation, each section having 20 questions for mostly 60 – 75 minutes(I don’t remember exactly). And in the next 2 days, the results were declared.

2nd round:
46 students were finally interviewed. There was a technical round and an HR round, each being 30 minutes long.

In my technical round, the interviewer had asked me about myself, then enquired about my mini-project(6 credits project in sem 6) and which all modules I had worked on. Since I was also doing an internship during that time, he was interested to know how I had managed my work.

Then, there were few basic technical questions thrown my way and if I had appeared for any other company and how was their selection procedure and how their procedure was different from theirs.
Furthermore, there were around 3 questions based on situations and how will I be managing them in the company. Please make sure to be discreet in your answer and justify your choice wisely.

Finally, came the HR round which almost everybody attended and was taken by the Director and Vice President of Barclays India. The question was quite common for everybody. Introduce yourself. Are your aware of Barclays’ virtues and which one of them is close to you and justify using your life experiences?

After everybody’s interviews were over, the company had hired 19 people from my campus and I was gladly one among them.

One piece of advice to all those who are about to sit in an interview is, DO NOT PANIC, prepare yourself on how you will introduce yourself in minimal words and be thorough with what you write on your resume. Also, read about the company for which you are applying because that is a definite question to judge if the candidate is serious about the job or not.

Happy hunting!

This article is contributed by Bhavya.

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