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Barclays Interview Experience For Internship (On-Campus) 2023

Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2023
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In the month of Oct 2023, Barclays came to our campus. There were 2 opportunities 1. Internship + PPO for 2023 grads, 2. direct placement for 2024 grads. The eligible branches were CS, IT, and ENTC. Around 400 students applied through the TPO portal of our college. After one day the test link was sent by the company. the test platform was HackerEarth.

Round 1: Shortlisting

Barclays shortlisted some students on the basis of their 12th Standard marks. and shortlisted students received the link for the test.

Round 2: Online assessment

The online assessment was a mixture of MCQs and Coding questions. there were 25 MCQs, 1 SQL query, and 1 coding question. The mcqs were based on guess the output of given snippet, operating system, database management system, and Object-oriented programming. The SQL Query was easy level question and the coding question was of Medium to Hard level. The total time for test was 1.5 hrs.

Suggestions: Try to solve mcqs with great speed, or else the time will the insufficient for the Coding Question.

In the end, 37 students were shortlisted for the interviews.

Round 3: Interview (technical + HR)

There were 3 pannalists, with so much experience.

The questions in interviews were based on basic knowledge of DSA

Asked Question : Reverse String

  • DBMS
    What is DBA, ACID Properties, DBS Architecture
  • Basic JAVA Questions
  • Project-based Questions :
    Advantages, Real Life Usage, Difficulties faced.
  • HR
    What do you know about Barclays ?
    Why do you want to join barclays ?

Sitatuional Questions

Barclays Values: RISES

In the end 12 students were selected for Direct Placement.

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