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Avalara Technologies Interview Experience for FTE SDE | On-Campus
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2020

Round 1 :  Online round on hackerrank

  • 4 Questions (50+100+100+150)
  • 2 hours

Question 1: [Easy – 50]

There are books in a shelf, Either type of X or Y, Your mom wants to make sure before your birthday party, shelf is arranged. All the X type of books should be on left, and all the books of type Y should be on right. There is a time cost associated with each swap, output if it is possible to arrange them before the party starts.

Question 2: [Medium – 100]

You have been given A and B in range. Find the product of all numbers in the range.
1<=A<=100,000 and A<=B<=100,000
You need to return the answer as a string in the form of, “C x 10^D”
If C has more than 10 digits, then output C as 12345…12345 x 10^D

Example 1: 
7 7
49 x 10^0

Example 2:
1 17
355687…28096 x 10^3

Question 3: [Medium – 100]

You have been given an array, which represents height of light towers. For every tower, it’s range is (A*B % 1000000007) where :
A = (Buildings visible on left side + Buildings visible on right side)
B = position of light tower in the array (1…N) [1 based indexing]

You have to return the position of lighthouse which has maximum range. If two have same range, return the one with minimum B (leftmost).

Question 4: [Medium – 150]

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