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ASP Full Form

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ASP stands for active server pages and it is a server-side script engine for building web pages. ASP is basically a server page that contains embedded programs in it. The programs in it are processed on the Microsoft server. The ASP server-side engine basically performs the task of reading and executing the ASP file and then return the file to the browser. It is basically a web-based framework that helps programmers to build dynamic web pages. ASP can contain scripts as well as standard HTML.
History: ASP was firstly introduced in December 1996 as part of IIS (Internet information services) 3.0 which was called ASP 1.0. Then its subsequent versions came in 1997 and 2000 named ASP 2.0 and ASP 3.0 respectively. ASP 3.0 had some additional features so ASP 3.0 increased its performance.


        <title>ASP page</title>
        <% response.write("Welcome to GeeksForGeeks!") %>


Welcome to GeeksForGeeks


  • User Control: The creation of user controls supports the making of reusable components.
  • Custom Controls: We can make custom controls from ASP. Here the code is compiled into a Dynamic Link Library file.
  • Rendering Techniques: ASP uses visited composite rendering technique in which composite tree is built.
  • Code-Behind Model: Microsoft recommends to use the code-behind model for dealing with dynamic program code.

Use of ASP: ASP is mainly used because of its high speed, language-independent nature, and low cost. We can make ASP pages in any language so it is not dependent on a particular language. It is used to develop dynamic websites in a more efficient way.


  • ASP reduces the line of code for building the complex applications.
  • It has smart caching technologies.
  • ASP is language independent so any language can be used for coding it.
  • ASP is much faster than other applications.
  • ASP is more used now-a-days.


  • There is a lot of complexity in pages and there are many performance issues.
  • It is dependent on IIS(Internet information services) so it is problematic.
  • It has limited development and debugging tools.
  • There is no real state management in ASP.


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Last Updated : 20 Oct, 2021
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