Arcesium Interview Experience

It was a complete virtual process ( July 2020) . 


There was a online test consisting of 32 questions with 15 Aptitude questions, 15 Technical questions and 2 Coding questions to be completed in 1.15 hrs.

120 students gave the test and 20 were shortlisted for interviews.

First Interview ( BlueJeans Platform)

This round lasted for about 50 minutes. First the interviewer introduces herself and then asked for my introduction. I mentioned about my project on Covid’19 so interviewer was curious to know about it more. I explained my project in detail for 4-5 minutes. Then I was asked a coding question 

I explained her MlogN approach then she asked me to optimize it then I told her O(m+n) approach. She then asked me to code it on online compiler shared by her .She checked all the bases cases and corner cases and was at last satisfied with the code.

She asked if I had any questions. I asked one or two.

10 were shortlisted after this round.

Second interview (50 min)

There were 2 interviewers. It started with my introduction and my projects. Then he asked about Polymorphism in C++. Runtime and compile time polymorphism with example and asked me to explain with c++ example . Then i was asked 2 coding questions

Modification of the problem where there were blocked cells also. 

In both the questions first approach was discussed and then i was asked to write the pseudocode for the same . Then ,I was asked some dbms questions  about indexing and normalization and some java questions on strings.

6 were shortlisted after this round.

Third interview (HR)

It started with my introduction .Deep discussion on my project and then some questions on my project. He asked me about my family and my Aspirations. at last he asked why u want to join Arcesium and if I had any questions for him. I asked a couple of questions.

5 students got the offer. Hope it helps ! 🙂

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